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The Adventure Fishing In California

California, is one of the biggest US, for lovers of freshwater fishing is a real earthly paradise, as it has an infinite number of locations with larger sizes to develop this beautiful sport. Although fishing in some places is limited to preserve the ecosystem healthy way, we can enjoy majestic fishing days, also enjoying some comfortable and welcoming places where we can spend our stay safely.

The state of California provides some of the best fishing spots of the United States, such as Lake Tahoe, The diamond Valley Reservoir, The Bass Lake, Lake Morena, Clear Lake, among other huge lakes and rivers where we will to clear our heads and enjoy exceptional fishing days.

What Can You Catch?

In these lakes we can find a great diversity of species, some of the most exotic and delicious that you can taste such as trout, salmon, bass, snook and largemouth bass, among others. You can choose from hundreds of campgrounds in state parks, national forests and other spectacular wilderness areas.

Fishing Seasons

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Calico Bass
Marlin Striped
Striped Bass
White Sea Bass

Fishing Tips

If you are to start in the big world of fishing, we recommend you follow these tips to make your adventure is 100% successful:

  • Depending on the season, the lake water is warmer or colder, for example, trout prefer to live in very cold water, so that in months of warm water, this will be at a greater depth looking lower temperatures. We recommend investigating, depending on the species you want to fish, the water temperature at which said buddy prefers to live.
  • Depending on our tastes, we can use live or artificial bait. It is recommended for lake fishing live bait, one of the most used for its effectiveness usually salmon eggs or worms.
  • It is recommended to fishing in the early hours in the morning, or failing that, at night; this is vital in fresh water, as the fish usually bite the hooks at sunrise or catch it.
  • A recommendation is that you try to fish near rocks or near sunken objects, these will provide a refuge where fish feed and mate, so you are more likely to have more success in catching fish etas areas.

Where to Stay or Lodging

In areas near lakes Californians, we have some contrived to enjoy full, convenient and worry this wonderful experience so constructions.

One of these landmarks and then enjoy a great day of fishing is the Resort at Squaw Creek in Lake Tahoe (which has a size of 496.2 km²); It is a place, very comfortable welcoming, where you can enjoy incredible way each of the family members.

Accounts with a nursery for children up to 4 years, which have different patterned activities and make staying young is also a beautiful ice skating rink in the hotel, super fun for a way to enjoy large and small.

The staff is very helpful, always willing to passing guests a wonderful experience, with the premise that a satisfied customer always comes back, has quite complete and delicious meals, and room service is pretty good, always tending main target total cleanliness of the room.

Another place, this time in Bass Lake, is The Pines resort is a dream; It has many cabins where guests have all the comforts, spacious and comfortable rooms, individually decorated resort theme, a very good country style achieved.

It has everything you need to feel at home, cooking utensils and appliances apart has a wonderful restaurant at really reasonable prices, and best of all, the weather. A wonderful mountain climate, which envelops you in an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, which makes you forget everything and relax, which is primarily why people stay and enjoy this wonderful resort.

In Lake Oroville, we have the Slate Lake Oroville Recreation Area, which has all the amenities for fishing and camping, if ours is fully outdoor adventure, please visit because it has phenomenal facilities with you need to spend some wonderful days in your RV.

Family in San Francisco, CA


Other Attractions

If you do not have all the infrastructure to enjoy a day of fishing like the pros, do not be discouraged because there are different ways of achieving them.

Different companies offer the service of renting boats for a while half day or full day including fishing rods, reels, food and drinks, among other items that will make us enjoy the most, really, worth every dollar paid .

Notably as a very important point, to fish in the state of California, you need a license. We may acquire via web on the website of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Licenses a year cost about $ 40, while limited for a short time are worth about $ 10. Remember if you request them fishing, asks that best suits your plans.


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    My favorite time to go is during the good halibut season. This is by far one of the best fish that I can easily catch. California is a great state to fish in.

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