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All About Lake Verret

Lake Verret is located in Louisiana between Napoleonville and Pierre Part.  It is 3 miles east of Graveyard Island and Belle River.  This lake is located in Assumption County.  The lake has no boat limit restrictions, and there are paved ramps for boats to access the lake.  At it's deepest depth, it is about 9 feet deep.    The average depth is 6 foot.  The lake is about 35 square miles and  is lined with Cyprus trees.  Many have had much success fishing here in the spring due to the water levels. 

Lake Verret has many boat docks.  However, not all are public, as some are privately owned.  Public boat ramps include Amelia Boat Ramp( located at 29.661267⁰, -91.100585⁰ ) and Attakapas(located at 29.850216⁰, -91.102570).  Lake End Boat Ramp (located at 29.718083⁰, -91.186619⁰) is both public and privately owned. There are no reefs, piers, or federal or state facilities on Lake Verret.

What Can You Catch in Lake Verret?

While fishing in Lake Verret, one can catch a variety of fish.  Types of fish that have been caught in this lake include largemouth bass, catfish, smallmouth bass, crappie, bream, white bass, spotted bass, and striped bass.

Lake Verret Fishing Tips

To catch largemouth and smallmouth  bass on Lake Verret, a crankbait or jig can be used on sunny afternoons when it is warm.  The average temperature of the lake is 49 degrees, so the largemouth and smallmouth  bass will still be feeding, but they will be hard to catch then if the water was warmer.

To catch crappie in Lake Verret, you will want to fish between 3 to 6 feet deep.  They typically come out at dusk and dawn to feed.  If you are fishing with a jig, you will want to use a loop knot so the jig can move freely when casted.  Being slow and steady will win the most crappie.

To catch bream, go at dawn to see where they are feeding.  They will often roll on the surface at this time.  They will feed on insects, worms, snails, and other small invertebrates as they tend to have small mouths.  Fishers should use baits that resemble these. 

Catfish will not be as active in water this temperature, but can still be found at Lake Verret.  They will be most likely found in the deeper waters. 

One of the best time to fish Lake Verret will be at the New Moon.  If the weather is perfect, fishing can be even greater.  It is said that with a New Moon, the fish will be actively feeding and can be very aggressive. 

Where to Stay While Fishing at Lake Verret

There are many places to stay when fishing Lake Verret, such as cabins, campgrounds, and hotels.  You may consider the following options:

  • Lake View Getaway- Located at 938-A Shell Beach Road, Pierre Part, LA , this cabin features a large opened living room, dining area and kitchen. There is one bedroom with a queen bed, and a sleep queen sofa.  The cabin will sleep 6.  There is a fireplace, central air, washer and dryer, Direct TV, and wifi.  Pets are not allowed at this cabin.
  • Cajun Hideaway – Located at 136 Lakeview Street, Pierre Part, LA, this quaint hideaway has two bedrooms with a private dock. Each bedroom sleeps up to 4 people.   Cyprus trees line the cabin.  A BBQ pit is provided outside with a fish cleaning station. There is a triple carport, with a concrete parking area as well. 
  • LaBelle Riviere Bed and Breakfast- Located three miles from Lake Verret, this beautiful B&B rests on the banks of the Belle River.  One will be treated with much hospitality here.  There are several different rooms to pick from, each with a pillow top mattress, Egyptian towels and sheets, and Wifi.
  • Clarion Hotel & Conference Center- This hotel is about 15 miles from Lake Verret. This pet friendly hotel features an outdoor pool, hot breakfast, and a restaurant.  There is also an exercise room, a sauna, and a health club with a spa.


Other Attractions Close to Lake Verret

Along the Bayou, there are many Plantation homes to visit.  One of the more popular Plantations to visit is Madewood Plantations, which is located 25 minutes from Lake Verret.  This mansion was part of the sugar cane plantation.  Visitors can dine in the wonderful restaurant that features Cajun Shrimp pie, or can go for the wine and cheese reception held in the library.  Guest may also choose to stay here, as there are 5 bedrooms. 

Feel free to take a swamp tour with Attakapas Adventures Swamp Tours. During this tour, one may be lucky enough to see bald eagles soaring high in the sky, as well as alligators sunbathing.  Other creatures seen may include American White Pelicans, Snowy Egret, Little Blue Heron, and the Double Breasted Cormorant.  While on the tour, you will learn about Cyprus logging during the turn of the century.

If you like to gamble, you may find luck at the Amelia Belle.  This grand boat features two restaurants to dine in, as well as  over 800 slots and 15 different table games. 

Should you have children on your fishing trip, you may wish to visit the Morgan City Petting Zoo.  Admission is only $2 per person.  Featured animals include goats, rabbits, turtles, pigs and chickens.  The petting zoo is located at 725 Myrtle Street, Morgan City, LA.

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