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Louisiana is one of the states that comprise the United States, located in the southern region of the country, on the delta of the Mississippi River. This state of the United States is a paradise for freshwater fishermen, you will find there: swamps, rivers, lakes, reservoirs and estuaros. By the proximity to the Gulf of Mexico you should not miss a boat adventure in the area.

All About Lake Verret

Lake Verret is located in Louisiana between Napoleonville and Pierre Part.  It is 3 miles east of Graveyard Island and Belle River.  This lake is located in Assumption County.  The lake has no boat limit restrictions, and there are paved ramps for boats to access the lake.

The Ins and Outs of Vernon Lake Fishing

Vernon Lake is located in  Vernon Parish, Louisiana.  It is about 52 miles from Alexandria  or 10 miles from Leesville.  The lake boasts an open channel near the dam, with a wide variety of fishing depths.  There is a maximum depth of 50 feet in this 4,200 acre lake.