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Going on a Fishing Vacation

If you are going on a fishing vacation there are some vacation tips in fishing you need to know before you go.

If you are flying abroad and want to take your own tackle most airlines charge a surcharge for fishing rods as they are classed as outsize baggage so it is best to get a telescopic rod that will fit into your suitcase. 

You must never pack any pieces of tackle in your hand luggage as they are classed as sharp objects. Knives, hooks, lines, reels and line should be packed in your hold luggage. As security is so tight at airports now it is a good idea to take some proof you are going on a fishing holiday and make a list of all the items of equipment you are carrying in your suitcase.

New security rules may forbid you from carrying your fishing knife which means you will have to purchase one when you get there so check with the airline before you pack.

You will need a fishing licence or permit in the resort you are going to and if you are travelling independently you will have to obtain this yourself. Check out before you go the cost of the licence so you do not find you have to take it out of your spending money.

There are a number of companies that organize package holidays which include fishing or all-inclusive fishing vacations in lodges and camps and they will arrange the necessary licence or permit for you.

One of the main questions asked by fishermen and women taking these holidays are about tipping so the following vacation tips in fishing lodges will help you.

There are no hard and fast rules for tipping at fishing lodges but the best vacation tips are you should calculate an additional 7-12 per cent of the cost of the package, excluding airport taxes and travel expenses, for your tips.

You should take this money in cash and keep it separate from your other money and at the end of your stay you give it to the lodge manager. He or she will distribute it giving approximately 60-70 per cent to the guides and the rest to the non-guiding staff at the lodge who have looked after you during your stay.

If you go out on a charter boat during your vacation you should tip the skipper around $50 when you arrive back in and give $25 to each member of the boat's crew.

A wonderful place to go on a fishing vacation is Hawaii, the topical islands provide a backdrop for fishermen and women of blue waters, colorful sunsets, lush greenery and flowers and palm trees.

There are a large number of different species of fish to catch around the islands including tuna and wahoo and there are plenty of charter boats on hand waiting to take visitors out to sea.

One important vacation tip for fishing in Hawaii is you must never take any bananas on any fishing boat you go on. Islanders believe bananas bring bad luck when they are carried on board a boat.

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