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Fish around the world of Salmon

Anyone that has ever hooked a salmon will talk about the rush of adrenaline they felt when it leaped from the water thrashing its head from side to side and threatening to break the line and at any moment to swim free. Whether you try your hand at fresh water or salt water salmon fishing, you can be guaranteed that it is one of the most exciting fishing experiences you will find.

In order to make the most of salmon fishing you will need to prepare yourself by considering what type of salmon you would like to catch and finding out where the best locations are to catch them. You also need to know the best time of year the legal season, and even the best time of day to try your hand. Finally, you will need to know what the best methods are to optimise your chances of catching yourself a great salmon.

The two types of true salmon are the Atlantic salmon (Genus Salmo), which is one single species (Salmo salar), and the Pacific salmon (Genus Oncorhynchus), which includes around seven different species. There are also some fish species which are commonly called salmon including the endangered Danube salmon, which is related to the true salmon, and the Australian, Hawaiian, and Indian salmon which are not related to true salmon.

So, where can you fish for salmon? If you want freshwater salmon and want to avoid a lot of competition and have a more tranquil experience then you may need to travel to a remote location. Also, the more pristine the environment, the more likely you are to catch good quality salmon. If you are more interested in saltwater salmon then you should look for coastal areas known to be abundant.

It is also important that you check regulations to ensure that you will be fishing when the salmon season is open. The salmon fishing season will vary depending on the location, so be sure to consult with the local area parks and recreation authorities so you don't get fined for fishing out of season.

So having decided what type of salmon you want to catch and knowing where and when you can fish, you still need to know how. There are various methods which will depend on the type of salmon and the location you choose. Various rigs and lures are available and you can find plenty of examples on the internet or at your local fishing bait and tackle shop.

Now get out there and try your hand and prepare yourself for that moment when your line pulls tight and a mighty salmon breaches the water, flashes an eye at you and begins the fight of its life.

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