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Tips to Pack for Isabella Lake Fishing Trip


Getting ready for your Isabella Lake Fishing trip? Good luck for your trip but if you are finding it hard to pack, we are here to help you. Fishing Trips are about joy, good food, a chance to learn something and being close to nature. To help you with it, we are giving you easy to follow tips for packing your luggage and how to plan the trip.

Getting the Perfect Tackle, Fishing from land

When you are fishing from land, you will need a long rod (8-10 foot) with a good bend. It will allow you to cast lure far to reach the fishes while avoid getting snagged when you reel in the lure. Your lure should never weight over 30 grams that will help prevent it from sinking fast, although it depends on a lot of factors. If you fish for cod in deep water, then you obviously need a heavier lure.

When it comes to select the color of your lure, considering the daylight is a good starter. You have to use light colors during the day and darker ones at twilight and night. Two good all round lures which are ideal for almost every condition are Jensen Pirken and More Silda. These are so versatile that they should be a part of every lure kit.

Choosing your Line is also very important. A Thick line is always strong, but it will never glide smoothly through rings when you cast which will make your cast shorter. On the contrary, a thin line is easy to cast, but it will break if you catch something big. For Isabella Lake Fishing, it will be better if you use a 0.30-0.30mm line. If that’s the case then by rule of thumb, the spool should have 150 meters of line.

Fishing from a Boat

When you fish from a boat, you increase your chances of hooking a large fish.  While you are not obliged to cast far, it will make sense if you use a short and strong rod than a long and weak one. Whenever you choose your line, you have to consider the weight of fish. A line that can stretch a bit dramatically increases the odds of successful reeling for fishing.  While, at it, you should choose a lure and a bait according to your fishing method.

Boat Fishing Methods

  • Long Lining: This Method comes with many shellfish imitation and shiny spoons that are dropped to the bottom and reeled in at a different speed.
  • Jiggling: In this method, you have to use a jig that weighs 250 grams. The line is lowered to bottom and pulled out a half of meter before the jiggling starts
  • Trolling: Fishing with a rod in a slow boat, it's traditional but mostly used to catch a fish which lives close to shore.
  • Bait Fishing: It consists the use of squid, mussels, snails or even shrimps as bait, fishes are caught with flounder or whiting in this method. 


Most Isabella Lake Fishing have GPS included in their boats. Using Global Positioning System helps to improve safety and find the best fishing ground. You can also plot a charge in advance and follow directions to fishing grounds and back. Moreover, your resort host will be able to help you with the chart plotting.  This is all for your convenience. Using a GPS will make sure that you are tracked all the time and won’t get lost in the waters if you are not with a guide.

What You Should Pack

According to Isabella Lake Fishing officials, the recommended baggage limit is 80 lbs per person. So you have to stay in limits. To help yourself for it, you can weigh your bag and tackle box before leaving the bathroom scale. You don’t need to bring a ton of lead in your tackle box.

  • Don’t bring any canned goods as well, just get something frozen or dried
  • Never load coolers with ice, the Isabella Lake Fishing have ice and cold fridges
  • For easier handling, you should try and keep your baggage under 40lbs
  • There are only 40 lbs of food allowed per person, so 20 pounds should of clothing and 20 pounds show to be of your fishing gear

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    Last year I went to Isabella lake with my friend. He had previously been there but I have never been there. It was a great fishing trip. Totally fulfilled my expectations for fishing in California. Went for a week and by far it was one of my better fishing trips.

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