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The Thrill of Salmon Fishing in Alaska


One of the most exciting places in the world for fishermen and women is Alaska Fishing salmon in Alaska is an experience you will never forget and will live with you forever. With more than 30,000 miles of coastline, snow-capped mountains and incredible beauty you won't find a better place to fish anywhere.

Alaska's state fish is the King Salmon and if you decide to take one on it will be a duel of wills but you must be prepared for along wait. It will put up an incredible fight to escape being caught and will not surrender easily.

King Salmon have been known to take the bait then sit on the river bed for hours. Because of their size and weight the fisherman may not have the strength to reel it in and eventually has to accept defeat and let the fish go.That is why fishing for a King Salmon is so thrilling.

Fishing salmons in Alaska can bring you a variety of different types of the species. You can catch chum, pin, silver or sockeye salmon and salmon shark but nothing will give you so much excitement as your dual with the King.

One of the most popular places to stay and fish salmon in Alaska is the quaint fishing village of Pelican. Once a hive of commercial fishing activity most of the commercial fishing fleet have now left but the fish are still there.

Although there are only about 100 permanent residents Pelican is always busy as a fishing lodge has been built there which offers all-inclusive salmon fishing holidays.

The Kenai River is also popular as you can go out in modern boats with professional guides and they provide all the tackle you need to fish for River Silver Salmon.

If you plan to go fishing salmons in Alaska you should avoid the months of May to August as that is the spawning and migration season.

You will need a licence to fish there and you can buy it online before you go. To get it quickly you should get it before the season starts and you can get it from Alaska's Department of Fish and Game, http:/www.adfg.alaskagov.

If you want to tackle the King Salmon you need a specific permit which is only available from licensed sellers which include most sporting goods shops. To fish for salmon you need large, strong fishing tackle and a large amount of bait so rather than take this with you you can rent it when you get there.

Do not forget even in the summer months Alaska can be cool and wet so you need to take warm clothing, rain gear, a hat and waterproof boots. You should also check the Alaska Game and Fishing website before you go as there are limits on salmon fishing in Alaska and these vary depending what month you go.


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