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Lake Louise Great Fishing at remote, Alaska Add to Flipboard Magazine. Lake Louise - 

Lake Louise Great Fishing at remote, Alaska

There’s fishing, and then there’s a fishing experience. At Lake Louise Alaska, bring your rod and reel and experience true North Country beauty and remoteness.

This secluded lake in Southeast Alaska is about 130 miles from Anchorage and accessible from the Glenn Highway National Scenic Byway.

Lake Fishing

What is your pleasure? Lake Louise fishing includes:

  • Trophy-size lake trout
  • Rainbow trout
  • Arctic Grayling
  • Burbot

Though most of the hype for Alaska fishing is on salmon and halibut, the fact is many anglers prefer the lake fishing this state has to offer. Lake Louise has some of the best. The pace is unhurried and the catch is awesome.

Grayling, for example, is much sought after by those that enjoy top water fly fishing. It’s an aggressive biter, less than 20” long, that is easily caught.

Most sought after for Lake Louise fishing is the lake trout. The largest trout in the state, they average 10 lbs., but trout up to 44 lbs. are on record.

Many anglers choose June as the best month, but the fish bite all summer long. And in the winter, ice fishing is popular. This is especially true for the burbot, the only freshwater member of the cod family.

Tips for a Great Catch

Each species require different Lake Louise fishing techniques. Here is a look at what Alaska experts recommend.

  • For grayling, use natural colored flies. According to, favored types are the black ant, foam beetle, mosquito and black wooly bugger.
  • For lake trout try lures, especially those with fish patterns or are either blue or chrome colored. Herring works well, especially when the trout are at the bottom of the lake. If you want to use flies, try those with patterns that look like smolt or leeches.
  • Rainbow trout like flies, especially the wooly buggers, elk-hair caddis and prince nymph.
  • Burbot are fairly easy to catch all year round at Lake Louise by simply using standard bait techniques. Hire a guide for ice fishing, or do some research so you can get the best catch.

Where to Stay

The area is remote, populated with much more wildlife than humans. But there are a number of places to stay on the lake.

  • The Lake Louise State Recreation Area with 58 campsites.
  • Lake Louise Lodge, a non-smoking, full service hostelry with private baths, rustic cabins and a restaurant
  • Evergreen Lodge, with bed and breakfast accommodations
  • The Point Lodge, non-smoking bed and breakfast
  • Wolverine Lodge, full service lodge with modern rooms and a restaurant


After a day of Lake Louise fishing, anglers enjoy the chance to watch the widely diverse population of wildlife up close. This area is the only place known where cormorants nest in a freshwater setting. The site, called Bird Island, also serves as a nesting area for gulls. In summer trumpeter swans are on display, as well as loons, ptarmigan and other types of water fowl.

In October and November you can see Nelchina caribou migrate through the area. At various times, you can catch sight of wolves, black and brown bear, lynx and moose. It is common to spot a fox or sheep.

Other Attractions

Lake Louise is remote, which is its prime attractive for many anglers. Though salmon and halibut fishing can be quite competitive in Alaska, the Lake Louise fishing is laid back. There are a variety of low key activities to enjoy year round in the area.

In summer, enjoy fishing, boating and camping on the shores of the lake. Swimming is a joy in the pristine waters. Many photographers have made this a yearly stop. Sailing is popular on this large lake. Families enjoy berry picking and hiking.

In winter, there is ice fishing, hunting and trapping. Many hunters use their cameras to get one of a kind photos of this secluded landscape. Cross country skiing and snowshoeing are also popular. There are snowmobiling events, an annual dog sled race, even a snow machine race. If you’ve ever wanted to play golf on ice, there is a tournament in May.


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