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"Alaska is home to more than 3 million lakes and innumerable fish filled streams, as well as 3,000 rivers. This doesn’t even include the 34,000 miles of coastline that the Pacific Ocean has to offer. As a result, it is impossible to explore them all."

Catch Trout and Salmon at Skilak Lake

Located on the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, Skilak Lake offers anglers a wide range of trout, as well as sockeye and Chinook salmon on the nearby Kenai River. Skilak Lake fishing offers variety and beautiful scenery.

Selawik Lake, Alaska’s Sheefishing Paradise

The Selawik Lake, the third largest in Alaska, is part of the huge Selawik National Wildlife Refuge, which encompasses 2.15 million acres close to the Arctic Circle.

Alaska: Naknek Lake Fishing An Unforgettable Adventure

Located in Katmai National Park on the Alaskan Peninsula, Naknek Lake is the third largest lake in Alaska. Naknek Lake is famous for its stunning scenery and picturesque views making it absolutely perfect for amateur and professional photographers.

Lake Louise Great Fishing at remote, Alaska

There’s fishing, and then there’s a fishing experience. At Lake Louise Alaska, bring your rod and reel and experience true North Country beauty and remoteness.

Alaska: Fishing the Beautiful Waters of Kenai Lake

Kenai Lake is known for its exquisite beauty in Alaska, picturesque surroundings, and diverse freshwater fishing opportunities. If you need a break from Kenai Lake fishing, there are a number of other things to do.

Alaska: Abundant Kanektok River Fishing Will Amaze You

Kanektok River fishing is famous because of the variety of fish species it produces. Later in the season most anglers are targeting the big fat rainbow trout.

The Thrill of Salmon Fishing in Alaska

One of the most exciting places in the world for fishermen and women is Alaska Fishing salmon in Alaska is an experience you will never forget and will live with you forever.