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Your Personal Fishing Supplies

Most people when they begin to fish concentrate on the tackle and equipment they need to actually catch the fish. They will go out and buy a rod, reel, line, lures and bait and anything else they need and neglect their own personal fishing supplies.

If you are going to take up fishing on a regular basis, exploring different locations and different types of fishing you will need specialist clothing to keep you warm and dry. For winter fishing thermal underwear, thick gloves and hat and a padded jacket are essential. You can get very cold sitting all day on a river bank waiting for a bite.

Weather can change very quickly and it can soon become overcast so it is no good going out in a T-shirt and shorts with no other protection. A lightweight PVC poncho is a useful addition to your fishing basket as it is a good emergency cover if it suddenly starts to rain.

Every fisherman or woman needs a sturdy pair of boots. Neoprene and rubber boots are an excellent combination for fishing as the neoprene uppers keep you warm and comfortable and these type of boots have heavy tread soles for extra grip and protection. If you end the day with cold wet feet it might put you off fishing for life.

Waders are an essential item to add to your fishing supplies. You can get them in thigh length and chest height versions and you should look for a pair of high-quality waterproof nylon PVC. They will keep you warm and dry in deeper water and can be worn in lakes, rivers and the sea. If you plan to fish in deep rivers and lakes you should go for chest waders.

An absolute must is a universal buoyancy aid for your own safety and protection. They are equipped with reflective patches and if you get a good one it will be certified as a 50N life jacket. It is very easy to slip on hidden rocks or down slippery banks and this will give you added protection.

A fly vest is also very useful as they have numerous pockets to keep your flies and lures in and some have removable fly patches as well so you can keep a supply of flies together in case you lose one.

If fly fishing is what you intend to concentrate on then you need to make sure you have the correct fishing supplies before you start.

You need to have the correct type of fly for the type of fish you are hoping to catch. These include trout, salmon, sea trout, grayling and pike flies. You will also need fly tying tools, fly reels and fly lines and rods.

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