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Tips for Creating Major Walleye Fishing Ponds

If you love major walleye fishing ponds and want to create your own, you should know this is no small undertaking. However with some careful preparation and planning, you can build a your very own walleye fishing pond.

The first step in developing major walleye fishing ponds is scoping out the land. It is wise to have at least one acre of land available for your project.

A location with clay dirt and adequate drainage is a must.

To dig the hole for your pond, hire an experienced contractor. Make sure the contractor has specific experience digging major walleye fishing ponds. A depth of at least 10 feet is recommended, as is an aerator to keep your pond water and fish healthy.

The majority of major walleye fishing ponds are round in shape. To stock your pond, contact your local game and fisheries department. Walleye love to eat ground livestock hearts which you can obtain from most any butcher shop.

An automatic fish feeder is a smart idea for major walleye fish ponds. This way, your fish will grow healthy and large with little effort on your part, at least when it comes to feeding. The fish thrive on the high level of protein in the meat.

Although the construction of major walleye fish ponds can be a daunting task, you will certainly enjoy the finished product for many years to come!

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