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The Secret of Successful Fishing

There is nothing nicer than sitting on the bank of a river in the heart of beautiful countryside anticipating taking a bucketful of fish home for your supper. It is peaceful and relaxing and a very enjoyable experience.

Unfortunately fishing is not always like that, if you are a keen fisherman you have to go out in all weathers with the rain pouring down and you may go for days without getting a bite.

But there are ways to improve your chances of catching fish, it is simply a case of knowing the right way to do it. You can pick up fishing tips and techniques along the way and if you put them into practice every time you take your rod out you will soon be able to enjoy a fish supper.

The first mistake novice fishermen and women make is using the wrong size hook. The hook has to be visible so you can hook the fish and if you use too large a hook the fish will soon spot it. However tempting your bait may be they will avoid it.

Maggots make popular bait and if you are using those a size 16 or size 18 hook is the most suitable one for them. The secret is to choose the right size of hook for the bait you are using.

Another mistake novices make is to fish in the wrong part of the river. It is very tempting to sit down in a secluded spot where you can have a peaceful day as you wait for your first bite. But if you see an absolutely flat river with no ripples or movement then you have picked the wrong spot and the chances of you catching anything are very slim. You need to look for a stretch where there is some activity in the water which is an indication there are fish in that vicinity.

The best advice on fishing tips and techniques you can be given is to be patient and be prepared for a long day. Fish are most active in the early hours of the morning just as the sun rises and in the evening as it is getting dusk.

If you arrive late or leave too early then you are not going to take a full bucket of fish home for supper. You must not get disillusioned as it is unlikely you will catch much when you first start fishing unless you are very lucky but the more you fish the better you will get.

So remember the following fishing tips and techniques:

  •  Make sure you have the right size hook for your bait and the correct bait for the type of fish you want to catch.
  • Choose the right part of the river to fish, look for movement in the water.
  • Be patient and be prepared for a long day.

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