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The Challenge of Bass Fishing

There is nothing more exhilerating than bass fishing, it is an exciting adventure but it is also the most challenging form of fishing you can experience.

Bass are not like other fish, they are much more wily and they will spot anything unusual very quickly. They stay out of the light in the daytime which is why so many experienced fisherman go bass fishing at night.

The main thing you need when you undertake this type of fishing is patience as you just have to wait in silence so as not to make them aware you are there.

You also have to be prepared to go bass fishing in all weathers as overcast days and when it is drizzling are ideal times to attempt to catch them.

Bass are difficult to locate but they usually congregate near rocks, banks and grassy areas. They also enjoy currents as the water temperature is cooler and a good way to find out if there is a current at the spot you have chosen is to look and see if there are any baitfish close to the surface.

If you intend to fish for bass it is a good idea to search for a good location before you take out your tackle so explore the river or lake you intend to fish and the more familiar you are with it the more chance you have of catching the bass.

You need to look at every river bed as the biggest bass lie just above the bed and the smaller ones lie on the bed itself. If you are searching for a location in the summer do not forget to take a good pair of sunglasses with you so you can spot the fish. Water is reflective and you may find it difficult to see them with the naked eye.

Once you have found the most suitable place to go bass fishing it is a good idea to use a 3/4 ounce spoon lure on a 17 pound super silver thread line and a medium-heavy rod. The spoon will go right down to the river bed and this lure is suitable for any depth of water.

If you want to go bass fishing in the summer you should go out very early in the morning and use top water baits. As the sun rises and the day heats up the bass become more aggressive and will seek refuge in deeper water and near natural structures so they are more difficult to see.

The more you go fishing for bass, which are the most prized fish you can catch, you will become more knowledgeable and proficient.

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