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The best fishing tip of all

How many times have you heard people say, “I’ve got the best fishing tips for you” only for them to provide you with a lecture on moon phases coupled with a range of weather conditions, a variety of obscure types of bait to use, and their opinion of the best brand of rod and tackle? Answer, too many times! Fishing tips circulate among anglers in high abundance and while some tips have great merit others should be taken with a grain of salt. It is worthwhile to take note of some fundamental fishing tips that may be considered generic such as the choice of bait and lure and fishing equipment, when to fish, as well as the choice of location to go fishing and where to cast your line when you get there.

Your choice of bait is a crucial fishing tip and there are a couple of things to consider. The bait you choose should be fresh and not be falling apart. Although many fish will scavenge and eat something that has been dead for a while, there is no point in attaching a decaying bait to your hook when it will probably come off during the first cast. If you do end up with some poor quality bait then you may still utilise it as burly in a chum line to attract fish to your fresh bait or lure. Lures are of course another option but you will need to know the best ones to use in your particular situation. In some cases it may be worth using live bait but it may not always be available for you, although there are many ways to obtain live bait yourself such as digging for worms or using a cast net to catch small bait fish.

Choosing the right fishing equipment is one of the most important fishing tips and you need to consider things such as the required casting distance which will determine the rod length. The power, which refers to the weight the rod can handle, and the action, which refers to the amount of flexibility in the rod, are also important factors. The line strength is a crucial fishing tip as you will need to consider the size of fish you are aiming for and the distance that you need to cover. Hooking a shark can often lead to your entire quota of line being peeled away rapidly.

Another fishing tip that you will find to be very important is when to go, at least if you are interested in actually catching a fish. Early mornings and evenings are generally the best times as many fish may choose to hide from predators during the main hours of daylight. Some species may be good to fish for at night in the presence of a full moon, but this may be a seasonal issue so consult with your local experts.

Another important fishing tip is your choice of location and you will want to avoid areas that are polluted or extremely hard to access or possibly even dangerous. Once you find an area to fish then you need to choose the best spot to cast your line. Look for key fish habitats such as overhangs on river banks or gutters running parallel to a beach.

The best fishing tip of all may be to simply find a nice location, wet your line, let yourself relax and just enjoy the experience.

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