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Eight Priceless White Bass Fishing Tips

White bass fishing sounds like a very interesting idea, but before going deeper into the concept you need to know what white bass fishing is all about. Well, let us start with an interesting fact is that during early spring a vast number of white bass can be found in South Reservoirs, creeks and rivers. This is also a reproduction season for the white bass, and this fish is very keen for mating early in this season. This time is just perfect for white bass fishing keeping into consideration the climatic condition. However, the anglers can get the best results if they fish with a strategy. You need to have a clear idea about the spawning habits of the fish, and you need to follow reliable  fishing patterns if you want to get hold of streamline white bass.

Understanding the timing of
white bass run

The white bass run timing can be determined by three important factors. These factors are current, water temperature and light intensity. If we have to weigh the importance of the factors, then water temperature holds the most significance. The current can be termed as the least important factor, but the fact remains that there should be enough current so that the fish spawning is not affected. The white bass tend to collect in the staging areas prior to spawning. The white bass initially school and wait for the appropriate conditions. Next the white bass tend to move to the tributaries for dropping their eggs. These pre-spawn fish provide the best opportunity to all those who want to fish white bass. The reason is that the white bass tend to form a dense concentration.

Reliable tips for white bass fishing

Now that we have understood the basic factors that can influence the white bass run timing let us look into how anglers can make use of useful tips to excel in white bass fishing.

  1. Making use of the rising temperature: When the temperature rises and reaches the 50’s the male white bass start to move towards the tributaries. The female also tend to follow the white bass in a week or more. The fishermen need to understand a very important factor that all white bass might not spawn at the same time and this time span may spread up to several weeks. However, during this period the spawning period experiences its peak, and this is the best time to fish.
  2. Finding the white bass: The fishermen also need to identify the spot where they can find the white bass with ease. The probability of finding the white bass is maximum where there are structures that can deflect the current.
  3. Keeping an extra fishing rod: There are holes that have a lot of covers, so there is greater probability of hanging up, so the best solution is to have an extra fishing rod, and it should be rigged with a heavier fishing line.
  4. Staying at a spot: When you find the white bass at a certain spot you should stay there and try hard because in most cases you would be able to find a decent number of white bass in just one spot.
  5. Fishing spot alternatives: There are days when the fish tend to move away from the banks. This means that you would need to use the bait along the deeper drop-offs. Fishing along the lip of the old river channel is a good idea. Another way to identify white bass is to look out for areas where you can find fish feeding birds. For example, if you see gulls at a reservoir then this means that there is a great probability that you would be able to locate white bass in that area, so that is definitely the best spot to fish for the white bass.
  6. Fishing patterns: Your fishing pattern would also decide your white bass fishing success. An interesting aspect is that you should fish behind the treetops that have fallen riverbank. You can get good catch there.
  7. Correct casting: When you want to catch white bass then you need to make sure that the boat should be held out from the bank. You should cast at a forty-five-degree current angle into the present hole.  This way you would be able to retrieve the bait along with the current. The fish are located at the bottom, and the bait has to reach down to them. If you pull the bait against the current, then it would not move down.
  8. Getting big white bass: If your objective is not just a good catch and your prime target is to catch big white bass then you need to remember a key tip. When the white feed on a school of shad the young white bass would be the one that would be chasing the Chad and killing them. The bigger white bass tend to swim at the bottom of the school. The bigger white bass waits for the crippled shad so that they start to flutter towards the bottom. The white bass adopt this strategy because they know that in this scenario they would have to spend minimal energy to catch the baitfish. The rule is to understand the pecking order of fish and develop the concept that bigger white bass will be closer to bottom. This way you can easily catch big white bass as well.

Follow these tips and this way you would be able to catch white bass with ease. Apart from this you should be aware of different fishing methods that include fly fishing and spin casting. When you will gain experience with fishing white bass, then you would be able to enjoy this experience more, and every fishing experience would teach you something new. Time will polish your fish skills. However, make sure that you understand the behavior, habits and spawning of the white bass. An understanding of these key concepts will make your job easy.


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