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Striped Bass Fishing Tips and Tricks with Artificial Lures

The striped bass is also known as striped or rockfish are found in the waters of Ecuador, Mexico, South Africa, Russia, Latvia, and Turkey. This species is similar to the hybrid striped bass and white bass while a striped bass can be identified thanks to the angular shape of your body and horizontal lines formed by black dots visible on the sides prominently.

To have better utilization of the striper fishing technique, you have to see first what to use to get these heavy weights in the vessel or on the shore. For your reel and rod, you can go with either bait casting or spinning setup. Just check that whichever one you pick is sufficiently tough to handle at least 15 pound test. If you decide to fish in sea, it would be recommended to go with a heavier line. Therefore most boaters will have a tendency to go with a goad caster as spinning reels which may handle this weight of a line. If you really desire to catch a Monster striper then you may head to the coast and one of the useful striper fishing technique is surf fishing.

Artificial lures: Artificial lures are produced or handmade similar to live animals in the form of flies, plugs, spinners poopers jigs and spoons. These lures came in different shape, colors, and are designed to be used under different condition. Different tips, how to use artificial lure for fishing.

How to use artificial lure:

  1. Jig is designed small and look like a small fish or frog. Many jigs have feathers air or plastic pieces that looks like minnows or warms. If you want to make it more attractive to a fish then add minnows or crawls to it. Sink the jig deep in the water and then bring it back with jerking motion.
  2. You have to keep the buzz bit moment on the surface of water. These unique lures are made with a spinning screw that shakes the water as the lure is brought bake to the angler. As soon as the lure hit the surface then it’s important to retrieve to keep it on the surface of the water. Fish will come to the top of the water closer due to the commotion of lure, because fish are attracted to commotion. As you are bringing the buzz bite you have to be careful to keep the rod tip up, it will help it stay on the top.
  3. When you are using spoon try to use different colors of it until you have success with certain type. There are some days for fish in which they can’t see and some may be fuzzy .Spoons generally are deep in the water and attract finishes like crappies, bass and pike. You need to have different color of spoons, keep changing it until you find the right color that turns the fish on. The rod tip should be high and spoon must rely on it just to keep them flirting.
  4. Then there are plastic warms in so many colors and designs. For clear water it need the color should be light and darker in foggy condition. Hook one onto the warm hook from the top part of the warm and let the hook come out half an inch down. You can thread the warm from it and then turn the hook and fix it to the body of the warm. This type of artificial thread throws it on the top of weed and slowly gets it in.

Where you can buy it?

Live baits are small fish that can attract prey. You can purchase live baits from local sport shops or for having an experience can be caught by yourself. Whenever you are having them by either way, then must keep it fresh and lively. Minnows, warms, leeches and catch fish will save you money by learning how to keep your bait alive.

How to use live baits:

Worms: Worms are live bait which can be used for fishing by cutting them into pieces and hook. There are several ways to hook a warm. The worm can be hooked through the collar. And if it’s a big warm then it can be hooked few more times.

Maggots: Maggots can easily thread on a hook due to their small size. It’s easy to add more maggots to the hook by piercing them through the middle.

Minnows: when you are hooking minnows then it depends on how you are fishing it. If you are going to use a float, then hook the minnow through the back. You need to be careful because if it goes more inside then it will kill or injure it. If you are going to allow the minnow to swim freely then hook it through the tail, if you are going to cast and retrieve it then hook it from lips. There are other live baits that can be use for fishing like leech frogs, nostrils dorsal crayfish.

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