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Largemouth Bass Fishing a Complete and Comprehensive Overview

Largemouth bass fishing has increased massively in the recent years. The reason is that now anglers are more inclined to fish the large bass. However, this was not the case a few years back. There are many other factors responsible as well for the increase in the largemouth bass fishing. The most important reason is that there has been quite an increase in expansion of waters. It is much easier to catch the bass in the spring and fall season, and that is another reason people are interested to fish the largemouth bass. When you want to fish the largemouth bass, there are many factors that you need to keep into consideration let us explore the key factors.

Finding Largemouth Bass in Its Habitat

When you look for the largemouth bass in its habitat, then there are greater chances to find the best catch. It is essential that you have some basic knowledge about the habitat of this fish. The largemouth bass prefers to dwell in standing waters and tries to avoid the strong current. Interestingly the highest number of largemouth bass is present in man-made lakes so the best fishing experience can be attained when this fish is confined to its habitat.

Understanding the Term Bass Structure

The term bass structure was coined two decades back and refers to every element of the water body that attracts the bass. The bass structure can be categorized into five types. This includes the following.

  • Sunken islands
  • Significant land points
  • Flood creek channels
  • Drop-offs
  • Steep-sloping shorelines

The lakes that have a similar structure as the types presented provide abundant opportunities for catching largemouth bass. You do not have good chances of finding the largemouth bass where there is a lack of shoreline structure and bottom. Natural deposits are also some of the favorite spots of the largemouth basses.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Indicators

Usually, fishermen clearly understand the behavior of the largemouth bass. They do understand the fact that water temperature indicator helps to identify the location largemouth bass. When the anglers want to achieve success with fishing, they need to have a thermometer with them so that they can analyze the water temperature with ease.

Largemouth Bass Fishing Period

You can find a large number of largemouth bass during the pre-spawn period. During the pre-spawn period, the water temperature has a range between 52 to 62 degrees F. The bass fishermen tend to wait for this period throughout the year. Largemouth bass tends to move into the shallow waters during this period. They feed actively as well, so largemouth anglers have a greater chance to get their hands on the largemouth bass.

It is very easy to fish the largemouth bass during this time span. There are greater chances that you would end up finding a female largemouth bass that is laden with the eggs. However, when the actual spawning season starts, the fishing success would also start to drop off.

Male largemouth bass tend to get busier in constructing their nests when the water temperature reaches about 60 degrees F. The male largemouth bass make sure that they guard their nests against the intruders during this period. However, they are still vulnerable to the angling.

Summer Largemouth Bass Fishing

It would not be easy to fish the largemouth bass during the summer season. During this period the water temperature is greater than 75 degrees F. You would not be able to find largemouth bass in water where the temperature has exceeded 80 degrees F.

In the summer season the largemouth bass move to the shallow water in the morning, nighttime or late evening only for feeding. This fish forages during the warm season. The fishing should start in the shallow water structure during this season. During the period of low light intensity, the largemouth bass would move to the shallow water for food.

Largemouth Bass Fall Fishing

It is much easier to opt for largemouth bass fall fishing. During this time, the bass are back in the shallow waters just like in the pre-spawn period.

Largemouth Bass Ice Fishing

Largemouth Bass Ice Fishing
Largemouth Bass Ice Fishing

When the water temperature starts to go as low as 50 degrees F, the largemouth bass start to move in the deeper waters again. When the lakes start to freeze, the deepest waters are the only warm place and this where you can find the largemouth bass. The largemouth bass will only take the bait occasionally during this season. Teardrop lures baited with the insect larvae are the best way to catch this fish during this period.

The Selection of the Tackle

Tackle selection also plays its role when you have to catch the largemouth bass. The popular approaches include spinning, spin casting, and bait casting. The most important aspect is that you should be comfortable using your fishing gear, and you should be skilled enough to use it.

Selecting Bait for Largemouth Bass

Largemouth bass tend to feed on the most abundant food like large aquatic insects and fish, etc. When an angler wants to use a natural bait for the largemouth bass, it is essential to ensure that the bait is active and moving. Nightcrawlers are yet another natural food that the largemouth bass is willing to take during all the fishing periods.

When you fish the largemouth bass keeping into consideration its behavior, habit and seasons then there are greater chances that you would end up with a good catch. With experience, you would be able to excel in this skill and would also learn new things about largemouth bass fishing with the passage of time. If you want to be more successful in this field, then it is better to opt for boats that have been designed for fishing largemouth bass.

Make sure that you have electronic fish finders as well because this way you would be able to locate and find the fish easily. You can also make use of lure color for measuring the water clarity and light conditions. These gadgets would increase your chances of success.


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