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You need to know how to fish for salmon and what the methods are. Also keep in mind that there will be regulations in each area which will help you know whether you are allowed to take your fish home or not, so be sure that you know whether you are allowed to do your fishing in a catch and release place. If you wish to catch a lot of salmon then your best bet would be to use a planer board on a boat or a downrigger.If you want to catch multiple salmon, them it may be to use a downrigger or planer board on the boat. These methods will give you the chance to have lots of fishing lines in the water at the same time.

Salmon Fishing Using a Downrigger

A downrigger is the best way to fish for salmon from a boat. When you fish with a downrigger it will enable you to fish in very deep water. It's a method of fishing that will make your catch easier. The basic parts are an arm-and-rod base that you use as a holder. Both of these are attached to a wire line, which is then put in the water. There is a lead weight at the end of the wire which gets the lure to the right depth.

You can choose between a short or long arm but anything deeper than 22 feet will require a long arm, so keep this in mind. Also, you will choose between an electric or manual crank. The manual cranks are a bit cheaper, but easier to use and can be removed and put from one boat to another. An electric crank tends to be more expensive and will attach itself to the boat's battery. You should invest also in a fish finder, which is a device that has a sonar on it that will measure the location and depth of the fish.

Salmon Fishing with Planer Boards

Planer boards can be made of plastic, foam or wood. The good t­hing about planer boards is that you can use multiple lines on one boat all at the same time. You need to attach your planer board to your line and you'll need to be sure that you have a weight on the end of the line to keep it at the right depth.

When you see that your planer board is falling behind or bobbing around then you will know that a fish has found the bait. Once you bring in the planer board, then you should detach it from the line.

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  • My husband and I want to go on a salmon fishing trip. I had no idea that a downrigger is the best way to salmon fish in a boat. We'll have to see about getting a downrigger along with a guide since we've never fished for salmon. I would suggest that if you are a first time salmon fisher that you get help from an experienced professional.

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