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The Fish for the Right Fishing Reel

The Fish for the Right Fishing Reel

The most important piece of your equipment is your fishing reel. You have to match the right fish for reel and if you remember that it will make your choice of reel much easier.

Choosing the right reel to purchase can be very confusing as there are many different types of fishing reels on the market. These include:

  • Spool reels
  • Free spool reels
  • Front drag reels
  • Rear drag reels

If your interest is in course fishing there are six different styles to choose from. Some fish to reel in can be achieved with the more flexible reels which can be universally used while some are more specialized and can only be used with certain baits.

The most universal reel that nearly every fisherman possesses is the fixed spool reel. The spool is set in a fixed position and it is the rotor arm that passes round the spool to wind the fishing line back. These reels are cheap and very easy to use.

They can be used with floats, lures and for pleasure or hobby fishing and in match competitions. It is an excellent reel for beginners.

The free spool reels are a more advanced version of the fixed spool reel and they have the addition of an extra drag system. They are used to catch carp, barbel, pike and catfish and are larger and heavier than the fixed spool real as they are capable of casting further distances.

Anglers who go after big fish use the huge big pit reel. This is the specialist version of the fixed spool reel and they can be used with up to 100 meters of thick line. They are used to catch carp, catfish and pike and are used from boats at sea.

Closed face and centerpin reels are not as modern as the other reels and there are not as many on the market. These are specialist reels and are not so popular with fishermen as they lack power. They are not widely used and may soon disappear.

Sea anglers fishing from a boat or beach tend to select the multiplier reel. These are very popular as they are small and compact and can be operated by just a thumb. They are not heavy so do not weigh down the boat and are excellent when used for lure fishing.

If you are not certain which reel to use for your type of fishing it is advisable to seek advice from a specialist fishing shop. Choosing the wrong reel can be a costly business if you have to go out and get another one if you find you are attempting to catch the wrong fish for reel.

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