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A Beginner’s Guide to Buy Fishing Rods

If you love fishing then you must know choosing the right gear can save your skin (catching the fish). It doesn’t matter whether you are overly experienced or new to fishing. You need to learn how to buy Fishing Rods according to your needs and fishing technique. If you don’t know where to start, these tips will help you!

A Little About Fishing Techniques

The kind of fish and fishing technique you use is important when you are choosing a rod. For instance, the fly fishing needs continuous casting during the trolling call only needs an only cast. The fact is, you don’t need to cast the bait if you are ice fishing. If you are doing this, short Fishing Rods will serve you well. While buying a rod, you also need to keep your fishing location in mind. The fishing location plays a significant role for how many times you cast the line.

Apart from the location, what you are trying to catch also influences your equipment. Big fishes need thick rods. Also, to catch a fish, you need to use different baits and lures. However, these baits and lures also attract only a few kind of specimen, so be careful. Apart from the size, the design of your rod also matters. The design makes it easy for you to cast a line and use bait.

Some species of fishes are a bit elusive as compared to others. To catch them, you need a rod that makes it easy for you to set a hook and make it hard for the fish to escape.  You need to learn how to control your lure and bait to improve your fishing technique. Decide what kind of fishes you want to catch before and where you wish to fish before buying Fishing Rods.

Different Types of Rods

To make sure you buy the right fishing rod, you need to learn about their various types. There are two major types of rods, and these are:

  • Spinning
    The Spinning Fishing Rods hold casting reel on the bottom. These taper down in size from the handle to tip. As compared with casting rods, these are smaller and lighter. If you want finesses to lure and bait, Spinning rods are the perfect tool for you. These rods help for fishing trolling as they bend to alert you whenever you have a fish on your line. These are ideal for freshwater fishing.

    How to Cast a Spinning Rod

  • Casting
    The Casting Rods are best for casting reel on their top. These rods are heavy and stronger as compared with spinning ones. If you want the thick line for catching big fishes, then these are perfect for you. These are also called the Bait casting and Spin casting rods.


When you are comparing different rods, you need see what material has been used to make them. Following are a few common materials used to make Fishing Rods.

  • Fiberglass
    These rods are heavy and affordable as compared with Graphite. Fiberglass rods are best recommended for newbie fishers as these are incredibly practical.
  • Graphite
    Graphite Rods are strong but lightweight. They help you to establish control over your bait and to use advanced angler tactics. These are sensitive, so you can feel the weight of a fish right away.
  • Composite
    The Composite rods combine both Fiberglass and Graphite.  Being a combination of fiber and graphite, the composite Fishing Rods are both sensitive and robust. These are perfect to hunt large fishes who demands strength with sensitivity.
  • Bamboo
    These are ideal for fly fishing. The Bamboo is a bit heavier as compared to graphite. However, it helps to smooth cast off. What makes them different from other rods is they demand a bit of fishing technique.

Length and Weight

The Length and Weight of rod are necessary. The typical length of the fishing rod is 8=9 feet. However, these can be short or long according your needs. Longer rods helps for longer casts; these are ideal for fishing in Lakes, large rivers and even in lakes. With long rods, you can throw the line far away. Whereas the short rods are perfect for ice fish, the angle in streams and even for trolling.

When buying a rod, you need to look carefully at the weight specifications. Fishing line weight rating determines the strength of it. The heavier the line, the larger your prey will be.  However, heavy lines limit your flexibility and if you can’t cast too many times with them. Depending on your fishing line, you need to buy a rod that matches the fishing line to cast and lure.

Grip of your Rod

Choosing the grip of Fishing Rods is also important. It helps you to stay comfortable while struggling to pull your fish. The Grip is made up of two different materials; these are Cork and Foam. The Cork is a natural material that helps to improve the feel of your rod.

These are best for fly fish as its sensitive. The Foam is synthetic, but it’s durable. This material is best recommended for troll as it can shift continuously. The Foam grip also prevents abrasions and can adapt according to the moves of your boat.

A Few Handy Tips to Take Care of your Fishing Rod

  • Never hand lure or hook from the guide, doing this will scratch the surface of your guide, and it affects your cast. To avoid this, you need to use hook keeper
  • Never allow the luge to bang the rip by reeling in it

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