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Mastering the Art of Using the Float Fishing

Fishing with a float is one technique that is used by every angler at some point or the other. Floats are commonly referred to as bobbers. A float tends to get attached to the fishing line. The float can easily suspend the bait at pre-determined depth. The float has this buoyancy that allows it to carry the bait to those inaccessible waters. A question may often come in your mind, and that is why people would prefer to fish using the floats. The common answer is that fishing with the floats is quite an enjoyable experience. Let us look at some key advantages of fishing using a float and this way you would be more convinced to use this technique.

The real perception of float fishing

The float fishing is a very exciting process. This method allows you to target different kinds of fish. This method requires the angler to keep looking at the float. The angler has to wait for the float to dip in the water. The float dips in the water when the fish bite on to the float.

An overview about floats

You can find floats in different shapes and sizes. There are various materials that are used for making a float that includes cork, plastic or balsa wood. When you are using a float, the angler can easily cast the bait away from the boat, but the angler also maintains the reference point. The appropriate float is selected while taking the strength of the current into consideration, the bait size and the wind speed. Small weights are attached to the float and the hook. This way the float would easily be able to sit vertically in the water and only a tip of it would be visible. Only the tip of the float is brightly colored the remaining float is more of dull colored so that it is inconspicuous to the fish.

Different types of float

Let us have a look at the different types of floats available.

Waggler: This float is attached to the bottom of the fishing line. You may find two different types of wagglers. One is the bodied, and the other one is the straight waggler. These floats are available with or without inserts as well.

Stick: The stick float comes with a taper. It is attached to both the top and the bottom of the line. The stick float is made from different materials. The buoyant top is made from balsa wood, and the heavy stem is usually made from hard grade cane.

Avon: This float is ideal for coping with the fast river flow.

Bubble: The bubble floats look more like hollow balls that are used for controlling the fishing line. Most of these floats can partially be filled with water, and this helps to give a clear picture how much of the float is above water. The bubble float is usually preferred when a normal float cannot be used. The bubble floats work well when casting has to be done near the edges of the reeds.

Popper: The popper float can be used to mimic fish feeding at the surface. Different kinds of popper floats are available. Some of the popper floats have a metal wire, and the beads are attached at the end for making noise when being pulled through the water. The concave topped floats make a chugging sound.

Dink: The dink float is made from dark foam cylinder. A small cylinder cork is present at the top and is painted. The fishing line ran through the top and is wrapped around the Dink and through the bottom as well.

Advantages of float fishing

The following are the key advantages of a float fishing.

  • Float fishing adds to your comfort, and you can enjoy the process. You can easily sit on a chair that is placed on the side of the water and fish.
  • When you are using fishing float, you can choose between two boats. You can make use of a raft or opt for McKenzie style drift boat. Both these boats work well in a wide range of water conditions. Thus you would not only enjoy float fishing, but it would be a safer process. The drift boats are more comfortable in comparison to rafts. However, the rafts can handle more extreme weather conditions.
  • Float fishing involves using a fly rod in a drift boat or raft and thus you can get greater mileage from the river. While using a float fishing, you can access the deeper waters.
  • When you are float fishing using a drift boat you would be able to catch the fish with a lot of ease.
  • The effort is minimal when you are using a float fishing because you can simply anchor your boat and wait for the biting of the fish.

Fishes caught using the float fishing

The interesting part is that a large number of fish can be caught using the float fishing. Usually, the fish that are caught using the float reside in mid-water or deep waters. You can catch small fish like garfish or Mackerel. The float fishing goes well with a light tackle. The anglers make use of light spinning when indulging in float fishing. Most anglers prefer to use simple and cheap telescopic rods because this helps to keep things a lot simpler.

Once you have decided to make, use of float fishing makes it a point to understand the basics of float fishing first. You should also have a clear understanding about your fishing requirements, and this would make the fishing job a lot easier for you. Make sure that you get the best quality floats at hand when you are fishing and this way you would be able to get the best results for sure. When you understand float fishing and manage it in a well-equipped way, then you will be able to get the desired results with a lot of ease.


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