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Fishing Tackle Tips for a Pleasant Fishing Experience

Every time you fish in water, you need to make sure that you tackle is in the perfect shape. Yes, you have to rinse off anything you see on it. When you are rinsing off the reels, try not to use a strong stream of water as it will drive the lure deep. It’s good for catching fishes but it drains the life out of your hook. So you better avoid it. That was just a precautionary measure to extend the life of your equipment. Otherwise, you will ruin your fishing trip by your hand, so get smart and take precautionary measures on your own.

Starting Up

If you need to know a thing about fishing tackle, it’s a lot more than sharping your hooks to catch everything you see in the water. To help you do that, following are some tips to start with

  • You need to re-spool for monofilament year to year. The monofilament gets memory after it sits on a spool for long time. You may notice that after a season of use, these get weak spot in the line and it loses its strength thanks to UV rays.  The Braid gets somewhat heartier as it stays strong. But after you used the same thing for three seasons, you better buy a new one.
  • It’s in your best interest to throw out the hoops. You don’t need to sharpen them after you used them a couple of times, trash them already. Today, the premium quality hooks are sharpened with chemicals and layers. But once they start to rust, nothing will save them. Besides, you will never get a hook as sharp as it used to be when you opened it out of the box.
  • You better cut off the last five feet of fishing line after every trip. This is the part of line which goes through the worst. Yes, this is the line part which faced wear, tear, rubbing against shell rock and even fish teeth. If you care to check it after every trip, you will see the nicks and frays. So it will be the best of you just cut of these five feet. While you are at it, you should check the rest of line and make sure it doesn’t have any frays on it.
  • To get the ultimate convenience, comb out hairs of buck tail skirts and parachutes. Yes, a lure which is enriched with hair is dirty and tangle. It will hardly bring you any fortune. The dirt will not only affect look but it also make the object useless.   The hair won’t move as freely, so you will need to take action.  Comb it out. If you can, use sprits of hair detangles. Just wash down the lure to smooth down the hair, and then easily remove it. While at it, remove any scent or perfume on the lure.
  • If you didn’t know, the Pantyhose can help for exposing tiny nicks and cracks in the fish line. These linings need to be smoothening. If they aren’t, these cause friction and line wear as you cast and retrieve.  In order to make sure these remain in good shape, you have to pull the object through guides. In case anything snags or rips, you will at least know that the linings are smooth, or they are damaged and should be replaced at moment’s notice.
  • To improve your fishing experience, you need to remove the clamped reels from rod whenever they are a month old. The reel clams are not very effective to hold salt and contaminants against reel seat. Whenever the rod and reel are going to sit on extended period of time, you better remove the clamps and soak them with help of a reliable corrosion inhibitor.
  • After a month of your fishing trip, you have to drag your fishing line behind the boat. Don’t attach anything. Remember, nothing works for better. Just remove the scourge of line twist. In order to make this work out, you need to move the boat very slow. The ideal time to pull it off is at the end of day. You can idle back through in a slow speed zone, all on your way to the water. One more thing, you don’t need to plan hours doing this. Five minutes will be enough.
  • You better keep a cedar block with a package of silica gel and a damp rid packet in the tackle box. All of these are perfect for absorbing moisture. The wet lures, salt spray and in rain will get the hooks and lure damp. This will only lead to rust. So be smart and stay out of trouble by placing any one of these in your tackle box. This will minimize the corrosive effects. So increase the lifespan of your lures and hooks with this simple trick.
  • You better hang the spreader bars from ends, don’t ever do it from the middle. Hanging spreader bar helps to stow them. It keeps the line untangled and straightens any kinks. However, if you hang them from the middle, you will make the droop and bends will form. So, forgive yourself from popping out each end of bar and when you deploy the spreaders next time, you will see that they are running straight, without a hitch.
  • To perform the best, you better make sure you calibrated the fish finder temperature gauge. The problem is, when we tackle, we don’t bother to think of electronics. Yes, we don’t care to think of all the trouble they can save us.  But all savvy anglers depend on it. In fact, you need to take it with you on every fishing trip. If you need to know one thing about these, they are calibrated in the factory. But it will be better if you recalibrate them according to the season. To get started, you can refer to an owner manual, or just search it on internet. These gauges can save you losing some big catches. So, include them in your top list of things. 

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