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Fishing Kit Basics - What You Need to Begin

If you have never fished before you may wonder what you need to undertake this pastime. Fishing kit basics are not huge and you can pick up what you need online, from a specialist fishing shop or in a market.

Basic Fishing Equipment List

You can purchase starter kits for both freshwater and saltwater fishing which contains everything you need but if you are building up your own equipment the fishing kit basics are as follows.

  • Fishing rod and reel.
  • Selection of hooks and weights to suit the different types of fish you might catch.
  • Floats
  • A pair of pliers to remove the hook from the fish.
  • Cutters for the line or wire, you can get needlenose pliers which also combine cutters.
  • A knife to gut the fish and cut up bait.
  • A bucket to put the fish in after you have caught them
  • A bait box.

Fishing Equipment List

It is wise to buy a fishing box to keep your equipment in which doubles as a stool to sit on and it is also a good idea to purchase a fishing umbrella as the weather is not always fine and you can get very wet.

If you are planning to fish in a restricted area or in a private lake you must make sure you purchase a fishing licence. You can get day permits, weekly permits or if you are planning to fish there a lot you can buy an annual licence.

Once you have learnt the art of fishing you can build up your equipment by adding to the fishing kit basics you started with.

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  • I fish for catfish on the river with a guy who uses a small coffee can for his tackle box. Has a rope on it to hang around his neck. Puts all the essentials inside - hooks in an empty tylenol bottle, sinkers at the bottom, skinning pliers, stringer, and that is all.

    I have since abandoned the production tackle box and moved on to the tin can method. More durable, no frills, and no extra space to haul all the extra stuff that you "don't need" but serves only to clutter. Leave the fully stocked tackle box at camp. Your trek to the fishing hole will be much more enjoyable.

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