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For the ultimate angling experience in Canada, fly fishing in Navnut is an anglers dream. On the Tree River Arctic Char will try your experience as an angler. One of the things that make them a popular catch is the temerity it takes to catch them. Fishermen constantly have to scrap their best technique and try new fishing ideas to catch this elusive fish.

No, the fish isn’t hiding from you. It will swim right up to the bank, but they are known to be a very difficult and therefore prized catch. The Tree River area is home to thousands of lakes that guide’s claim will yield keeper lake trout every time you cast.

The Navnut Tree River area is actually one of the remotest fishing locations you can go to in Canada. The Tree River Char are considered the most aggressive of all the char populations because of the ruggedness of the Tree River. Breeding grounds are minimal so the species just to survive are very competitive and very weary.

The surrounding area offers rugged scenery and rugged wildlife. Bears, wolves, and deer populate the area with much interference from people. If the thought of a fly fishing challenge is what interests you sport fishing in Canada, try the Tree River Char. You won’t be disappointed.

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