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Fishing for Pleasure

If you are interested in doing some fishing then you will find it to be very relaxing and competitive at the same time. There are all sorts of techniques required for fishing, some of which include spearing, angling, hand gathering, spearing, netting and trapping. There are also many different methods for catching fish.

Commercial fishing is only do done to earn a profit whereby recreational fishing is done for either pleasure or sport. Commercial fishers usually use netting and recreational fishers usually use rods. It is best if you know a little bit about the various techniques and also have a bit of knowledge about fish and their behavour patterns, which include their habitat, migration and foraging.

You will find that some fishermen also tend to follow some fishing folklores that say that the fish have feeding patterns which are influenced by the moon and the sun. However it doesn’t really matter what method of fishing you decide to use. You can use any sort of equipment which is known as fishing tackle. You will be using objects such as hooks, sinkers, floats, lines, rods, bait, reels, spears, nets, gaffs, wader and traps.

Terminal Tackle is what is attached at the end of the fishing line. This includes floats, sinkers, hooks, leaders, split rings, swivels, beads, spoons and spinners. Recreational fishing tends to have rules and also licensing restrictions and laws that will tend to limit the way that fish can be caught.

These laws usually stop you from using nets and also catching the fish with hooks that are not in the mouth. When you catch fish with a hook then this is known as angling and with angling it is expected that you put the fish back into the water once it is caught. Usually people take a photo of any fish they have caught so they can show others. In fishing competitions then you usually catch the fish and then weigh it and then place it back into the water.

There is something called Big Game Fishing which is fishing from a boat and catching large species such as marlin, shark, tuna, mackeral and sailfish. So as you can see there is a bit to learn about fishing but it is a popular sport and whether you are in it for recreation or for a competition it is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend your free time.

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