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How to Buy a Float Tubing for Bass, a Complete Guide!

The Float Tubing for Bass has become quite famous with anglers. For a good reason, these boats offer an easy way for fisherman without a fly fishing boat to get on water easily. These boats are an excellent way for a fishing getaway. The following guide will help you to buy one!

Introduction to Float Tube

If you haven’t heard of these before, you might as well think of them as pretty life jackets that come with a seat. Just sit down and maneuver around by kicking it. Fins are added into these for easy baiting. The fact is, you are half way submerged in the tube, and this is why you are required to wear waders when the water is cold.

As the anglers themselves are partially submerged, the fly casting proves to be tricky, specifically for beginners. However, these are easy to have line slap in water that is at your six while you back cast. The boats Float Tubing for Bass are relatively small. These are designed for only angler only. Also, these are not ideal for long trips, especially in moving water.

Is It for You?

That’s a good question! The answer to this question depends on one thing only. Where are you going to fish? Being an angler, once you answer this, it becomes quite easy for you to make your mind.

  • River Fishing: The Float Tubing for Bass was never meant for this. A River always has current or rapids, and this makes the float tubes a bit dangerous, especial while you wear waders. To keep it simple, if you want to try out your float tubing boat in the river, it’s the worst idea.

    It will be better if you choose inflatable rafts, pontoon boats or inflatable kayaks for fishing in the river.
  • Lake Fishing: The float tubes are best for small ponds and isolated lakes. The only problem is, other considerations such as inflatable kayaks and pontoon boats prove to be a better suit for large lakes. Float tubes are not ideal because, in windy conditions, these become quite hard to handle. Also, these are dangerous when there are some waves.

    The float tube is a perfect fit for small lakes because these don’t need an effort to handle in calm waters.
  • Fishing in Remote and Backcountry Areas: This is quite an ideal place for Float Tubing for Bass. These tubes are packable, even better as compared to Pontoon boats. As backcountry waters tend to be cold, it will be better to have waders so you can stay warm. Remember, waders will add some weight and bulk to your angler backpack. However, when it comes to a backpackable pontoon boat, you don’t need waders.


Float Tubing

Now the confusion is, should you buy backpackable pontoon boat or Float Tubing for Bass? Well, if money is not a problem for you, then buy them both. But if you only have the one boat option, then you should know the float tubes only offer versatility.



Different Types

The Float Tubing for Bass comes in a variety of size and color. Also, these are paired with numerous features that help to keep your things organized. There are two types of float tubes. These are traditional shape float tube and pontoon type float tube.

  • Traditional Float Tube: These are round and have front or middle opening (you get to choose). Air chambers surround the angler. The fact is, these are an inner tube that are specifically designed for fly fishing.

    The problem with traditional ones is they are pretty hard to maneuver. Round shape comes with a heck load of water resistant which makes handling a headache. Moreover, these boats are hard to move on large lakes and are not made for quite long trips.
  • Pontoon Type Float Tube: It’s relatively new as compared to traditional. It doesn’t support the traditional shape and comes with two air chambers. These are called pontoons, hence the name. The pontoons sit on the water on both sides of the angler. The float tubes resemble a miniature pontoon boat on their own, and these are easy to move in water.

    Yes, Pontoon produces less drag and resists less as compared to traditional ones. All thanks to their V Hull shape that easily cuts through the water. Also, the anglers are set up high in these boats that make them easy to cast and helps the angler to be warm in cold water.

    The pontoon boats also have the high capacity as compared to their predecessor. All these benefits combined, these make the pontoon boats an expensive and heavier option.
  • Which one is for you?: Which Float Tubing for Bass boat you need, it depends on the features and colors you want. Moreover, it also depends on how much can you afford. As the Pontoon Type bots are easy to move, the traditional one proves to be an inexpensive and instant option.


Float Tubing for Bass


What to Consider When Shopping for One?

Apart from considering the type of boat, there are also some other important aspects you need to mind. These very aspects will make sure whether you have a comfortable and enjoyable journey or the other way. So for you own sake, you better consider these when you buy floating boat.

  • Consider the Weight: The Float Tubing for Bass boats is the light weight that makes the relatively easy to transport. However, the new and larger one are a bit challenging to transport even if they can be easily packed for a short walk. This makes them a bit unideal if you are planning a long hike up the mountain Trail. In case, you have your mind set on a venture deep in the backcountry with a float tube, and then you better watch the weight.
  • Backpacking: If you backpack to remote waters, then you should always buy something that can backpacked without a hitch.  As compared to normal float, the backpackable float tubes are easy to transport. The fact is, these are light, not as much bulky. Moreover, the design comes with padded shoulder straps.
  • Backrest: The Float tube today needs to have a well-padded and adjustable backrest. The backrest makes it comfortable if you want to the day of fly fishing. So for your own sake, you should avoid buying a product that doesn’t have this feature.
  • Pocket Design: This counts in as the number of pockets as well as their design. Well, it’s more of a personal preference but it’s still important. Being an angler, you need to note the number of pockets, how these are designed and the ease of access. This will all add up to a good trip and comfortable trip.


What Else do You need?

Considering the type of boat, the different features, the following are a few add-ons that can make your journey a delight. The only problem is, you can’t expect them to come with Float Tubing for Bass boat. Instead, you might have to purchase them separately.

Fins: If you are getting yourself a Float Tubing for Bass boat, then you better get yourself a good pair of fins. In case you got a pair of scuba fins, its will work. With fins, you can peddle your feet like riding a bicycle, push the water away and maneuver the boat better. If you can grab a pair of force fins, it’s even better, just push the water away with the top of the fins.

Waders : There are two types of waders, Neoprene, and breathable waders. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Neoprene waders are warm and durable. Thanks to the thick layer, it insulates you well in winter, the only problem with these are your sweat remains trapped in them. The breathable waders have seen to this problem and have solved it. Yes, these allow the trapped water to breathe through wader. The breathable are thin and lightweight. These are comfortable to walk in even on hot days.

Accessories: A common addition to a Float Tubing for Bass is a fish finder. After getting yourself a nice and good fish finder, you can attach it to a strap with your boat. It doesn't need any wires, transducer mounting or anything else. To be honest, it’s not a bit deal, but it can make your work easier to find a fish.


Float Tubing Rod Rack


Benefits of Buying

Apart from how to buy one, the following are some points that will help you to consider why you need one!

Fly Fishing:Designed for fly fishing, the pockets of these tubes allow you to take a heck load of gear with you and keep it well organized, as the fishing vest is worn, these boats ease up catching fish as these are easy to run and control.

Portability: Float tubes are portable as they inflate without a hitch. Adding up, this weight only twenty pounds or even less. The Float Tubing for Bass can be easily rolled up to fit in small trunks or to be carried around. Last but not least, these are also easy to cast in any direction you like.

Maneuverability: The Float Tubing for Bass boats are well known for their maneuverability. These are easy to turn around. But if you are in fast moving waters, this can be a concern for you.

Durable: these boats are quite durable, these boats, however, are punctured if they are used in whitewater. Since they are not made for them, it’s not an issue.


Float Tubing

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