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Outdoor activities have always remained as a top priority for most men and women no matter where they live. An exciting outdoor activity is catching fish which is loved by all. Fishes are normally caught in the wild. There are various techniques that are used for catching fish. These techniques include hand gathering, netting, spearing, angling and trapping. The term fishing is not specific to catching fish; it may be applied to catching other aquatic animals.

When people see a striper thirty pounds or a beautiful brook trout reaching a fly, start making plans of heading out. Spending the day with out selecting a fish in a fresh mountain river or fishing bobber on a pond bluegill helps release stress from the mind. While there are fishermen who do like sports or recreation there are others who do it commercially. In third world countries is a great way to make a living.

Although low-tech methods are used for fishing but it is a cultural heritage in these countries. Netting methods are mostly commonly applied in these countries. There are special equipments that are used for catching fish professionally. These include hooks, lines, sinkers, traps, nets, gaffs, rods and waders. There are basically three principles for catching fish. These include commercial sector, traditional sector and the recreational sector. The activity of catching fish on the commercial level comprise of enterprises and individuals who are associated with wild-catch or aqua cultural resources and various transformations of those resources into products for sale. It is referred to as seafood industry.

In the traditional sector, those enterprises or individuals who are associated with fisheries resources from which aboriginal people drive products in accordance with their traditions. Where as the recreational sector comprise of enterprises and individuals who are associated with the purpose of recreation only and the products that are derived are not for sale.

There are so many villages that are working as fishing villages. These villages are not only providing a source of food but they are also keeping their cultural identity. Fishing has a way of satisfying an age-old need of pursuing and catching. The adventure lies in the challenge, such as stalking an elusive wild trout or matching the hatch. But there are many who will be quick to acknowledge that it is not only the catching of fish that is important, but there are endless life lessons that one will experience along the way.

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