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Fish around the world of Salmon

Anyone that has ever hooked a salmon will talk about the rush of adrenaline they felt when it leaped from the water thrashing its head from side to side and threatening to break the line and at any moment to swim free.

Salmon Fishing

You need to know how to fish for salmon and what the methods are. Also keep in mind that there will be regulations in each area which will help you know whether you are allowed to take your fish home or not.

Fishing for Pleasure

If you are interested in doing some fishing then you will find it to be very relaxing and competitive at the same time.

Awesome Fishing Tips

Outdoor activities have always remained as a top priority for most men and women no matter where they live. An exciting outdoor activity is catching fish which is loved by all.

The Challenge of Bass Fishing

There is nothing more exhilerating than bass fishing, it is an exciting adventure but it is also the most challenging form of fishing you can experience.

Luring a Fish

If you are new to fishing you may not know what a fishing lure is, it is actually what you attach to the end of your line to hold a single, double or triple hook and it is an alternative to using bait.

The Wonders of Fishing in Canada

Canada fishing is like fishing nowhere else in the world, it is one of the most popular leisure activities because the country has hundreds of rivers that are packed with fish.

The Secret of Successful Fishing

There is nothing nicer than sitting on the bank of a river in the heart of beautiful countryside anticipating taking a bucketful of fish home for your supper. It is peaceful and relaxing and a very enjoyable experience.

The Joys of Deep Sea Fishing

There is nothing more exciting than going deep sea fishing, it is completely different to any other kind of fishing as there is nothing around you but miles and miles of ocean.
Sport Fishing in Canada

Sport Fishing in Canada

Brook and Lake trout are abundant in the thousands of rivers/streams throughout Canada. Some of these rivers are Albany and Sutton.