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All About Lake Verret

Lake Verret is located in Louisiana between Napoleonville and Pierre Part.  It is 3 miles east of Graveyard Island and Belle River.  This lake is located in Assumption County.  The lake has no boat limit restrictions, and there are paved ramps for boats to access the lake.

The Ins and Outs of Vernon Lake Fishing

Vernon Lake is located in  Vernon Parish, Louisiana.  It is about 52 miles from Alexandria  or 10 miles from Leesville.  The lake boasts an open channel near the dam, with a wide variety of fishing depths.  There is a maximum depth of 50 feet in this 4,200 acre lake.

Tips and Tricks For Largemouth Bass Fishing

In the summer, largemouth bass can be found  in deeper waters.  During the early morning and late evening, largemouth bass will come to shallower waters to feed.  If the water is above 80 degrees F, these fish will take to deeper waters.

Tactics and Tricks for Fishing Grouper

Many fishers know that  groupers are  a very stubborn fish, and may take some patience to catch, but the reward is well worth the wait!  Here are some tactics and tricks for fishing grouper.

Deep Sea Fishing: The Best Tips and Techniques

Deep sea fishing can be a huge adventure for a fisherman.  Many of the greatest fishermen know that deep sea fishing is not as easy as it may appear.  This type of fishing may also be referred to as offshore fishing. 

Fishing Lures: A Fisherman's Guide

Fishing lures were designed to look like prey in most cases.  While most are made to look like they are dying or injured prey, some are manufactured to resemble a fast moving fish.  Fishing lures may also be made to add interest to the fishes' sense of aggression, territory, or curiosity.

Some Important Belongings to Take for Deep Sea Fishing

If you are living near or going to visit one of the shorelines, a deep-sea fishing journey can be quite a fantastic trip for you and your loved ones. The guidelines in the following paragraphs cover the fundamentals you should know to be able to plan the best deep-sea fishing holiday.

Fly Fishing Techniques for the Beginners

Many fishermen believe that fly fishing is tough. It might be unique. However, that does not mean it's difficult. Listed here are fly fishing ideas to get you rapidly up to the mark.

All About Mastering the Fish with Basic Tips and Tricks

The old expression, “have you been angling or have you been finding and catching?” sounds noisy in the ears of oldsters finding out how to fish. Finding and catching is a great time, it is what angling is about, right? Although hooking is a course of action, therefore the significantly better you fish the better you catch.

How to Buy Fishing Lures

Depending on species of fish they are targeting, fishermen must think about a number of elements before attaching synthetic bait on their lines. Sizing, coloration, and motions of the lure are very important factors, especially when used in combination with temperature of water, time frame or season, and also the deepness as well as cover being fished