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The Step By Step Insight to Fly Fishing Add to Flipboard Magazine. Fly Fishing by Andy Bowlin 

The Step By Step Insight to Fly Fishing

Fly fishing has been quite a popular sport in the United States for a long time. A question often comes into the mind that what has captured the attention of so many individuals. It is more about the gratifying experience that Fly fishing provides. It is not just about catching the fish. It is all about making the perfect cast or catching a Mosquito Lagoon redfish.

The Blessings of Fly Fishing

Fly fishing gives you an opportunity to explore Mother Nature, and there is no doubt about the fact that when you are out to fly fish then it gives you an opportunity to travel. The best part is that when you are out to fly fish you have endless opportunities to learn and improve at the sport. When you want to fly fish, there are so many different species of fish that can be tempted by a fly. Every fish has its life history, habitat, and habits. When you try your wits and skills against a new species, then it would be an adventure for you.

How to Gain Adequate Information about Fly Fishing

Significant information is available regarding Fly fishing in videos and books. However, if you want to go ahead of the curve, then it is essential to spend some time with a good instructor. You should make sure that you are with an instructor who has got interest in the kind of fishing that you like. This is the perfect way to improve your skills in this sport.

You need to remember one vital aspect that it would make a difference when you have the right kind of equipment at hand. This should include a line, reel and a matching rod. It may be a confusion for you to learn the right kind of knots. Well, this information is readily available in books. When you are working with a good instructor, he will explain the function of every piece of equipment.

He would explain the real mechanics used in casting. Eventually, he would move on to the practical instruction. It is the era of the internet so you can also get adequate information about Fly fishing by watching YouTube videos.

Visual learning is best, and you would be able to grasp the concept in a better way. A guided Fly fishing trip can also help you a great deal. Sometimes the local Fly fishing shops are your best guide. These shops can give you the much needed instructional resources.

If you are a beginning angler, try to subscribe to a magazine that can give you an outline about how to fly fish. This way you can easily learn the basic techniques of this sport.

Taking Your First Step towards Fly Fishing

The first thing you need to do is to get hold of the necessary equipment. Once you have learned the basic steps make sure that you learn how to fly fish at a local stream or lake. You do not just need to depend upon the information that you get from your guidebooks, videos, and magazines. Try out to research about the different types of insects that can be found in your area. Make sure that you make your purchase as per the schedule.

Steps to Fly Fishing

Now when you are a beginner, you need a step by step guideline, so following are the 11 most important steps when you want to fly fish.

  1. Make sure that when you are going out to fly fish you have the following equipment in hand.
    • Fly reel
    • Fly rod
    • Leader
    • Line
    • Fly box
    • Tippet
    • One knife
    • Dry fly floatant
    • License
    • Fish Stringer
  2. Make sure that your reel has the same weight as that of your rod so that it is easy to maintain the balance.
  3. If you need extra room to play with the fish, then you would need the backing. The backing has to be added after the line. You need to ensure that you opt for a double tapered line because that helps with the casting. Next comes in the leader that helps the fly to hit the water. The leader can be defined as the braided nylon line. Finally, we have to discuss the tippet, and it can be defined as the leader’s smallest point.
  4. The next step is to choose your fly, and you have to go in for the one that gives a realistic picture.
  5. You would also need to master the art of knots. You would need an arbor knot to hold the backing to the reel. The Albright knot is used to connect with the line to the backing. Nail knot would be used to connect the leader and the line. Surgeon’s knot would work well Connecting the tippet to the leader. You also need to have knot for connecting the fly to the tippet.
  6. The next step is to create a false cast. You have to bring your hands together once you have enough line above your head and then throw the rod to 9:00. This would bring the line and your fly in front of you.
  7. The next step would be to make the fly move in a realistic way, and you need to get into a good position.
  8. Once you feel that there is a strike on the line just hold the line and you need to bring up the tip of the rod. When you want to bring in the fish you need to keep the rod holding in an upward position, and you have to pull the fish and the line.

If you succeed in these steps, then this means that you have fly fished in the best possible way. Follow these guidelines to get the best results coming your way. Practice these steps when you are out to fly fish and then you would become an expert at the job.

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