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The Awesome Locations and Flawless Tips for Fly Fishing

When you are planning to go fishing, you should have an idea about the best places to fish. If you are organized and have accurate and updated information about fishing location, then you can expect to get your hands on a good catch. To make your job easy we have listed some of the best fly fishing states in the United States, but before that let us look into the history of fly fishing in the United States of America.

History of Fly Fishing in USA

Fly fishing had been established to the east of United States of America by the end of the seventeenth century. After this, the American anglers found their way into countless waters. They went out to Washington State, California, and Oregon. By 1860, the explorers had also found their way through to the remote places like Yellowstone Plateau. The hooks, fly lines, reels and rods that were initially produced by the Americans mimicked the Britishers.

The 8 Best Places for Fly Fishing

The following are some of the perfect spots for fishing.

  • The bliss of Florida: You would be surprised to know that Florida is counted amongst the best fly fishing states. Loads of Tarpon, Snook, and Redfish can easily be found in Florida. This state is blessed with the island jewels. Largemouth bass can also be found in canals, ditches, ponds, and lakes.
  • The exciting New York: When you want to fish then New York would not be a disappointment for you. The Southern Beaches of Long Island can help you find the best bluefish and the striped bass. The waters of New York have also been the home of great trout for generations.
  • Blessed Maine: The small streams and ponds of Maine are an ideal location for trout fishing as well.
  • Great Idaho: The Silver Creek and the Henry Fork are the best places for fly fishing.
  • Fun-filled Colorado: It would not be wrong to say that Colorado has the most beautiful rivers in the world, and this makes it the perfect spot for fishing.
  • Incredible Michigan: Interestingly the first brown trout was planted in America. The trout can be found in abundance in Michigan. Salmon, Steelhead, and Bass can also be found here.
  • Beautiful Alaska: This state offers fishing for only a few months, but luckily these few months are quite great. You can find all sorts of variety of fish that includes the Steelhead and the Salmon.
  • Magical North Carolina: This state has a large variety of fish to offer. The mountains have loads of trout streams. The farm ponds are also filled with largemouth bass and the bluegills. An unbelievable number of the Striped Bass is available in the Roanoke River. You can find both the redfish and the stripers on the coast.


The Perfect Approach to Fly Fishing

Once you have identified the perfect spots for fly fishing, you need to have the right perception concerning fishing in the streams. Your next step is to get equipped by wearing polarized sunglasses and a good hat so that you can see the trout with greater ease and act as per the guidelines that follow.

  • Remember that that the sound travels faster in water. Your wading might spook the fish. Make sure that you wade smoothly. Master the art of stalking the trout. The best way is to stay low and then stalk the trout.
  • Some people are more inclined towards dry fly fishing, but you should know that the diet of the trout is under the surface of the water.
  • Some of you often get confused with the selection of the fly. Make sure that you go in for a lighter color of the fly during the summers. Darker colors would work well in the fall and spring season.
  • You need to master the art of swinging a wet fly. You need to cast across and then downstream. This imitates the darting minnow. This is one of the most authentic fly fishing techniques that is often overlooked.

There are small suggestions that can help you when you are fishing in the lakes as well so remember these crucial aspects also.

  • Make it a point that you fish near the lakes because this is the spot where the food lies. You need to watch out for areas such as the logs and the rocks. These areas are a vital source of protection for the trout and are a good source of food as well. There is a greater possibility that you might find your catch here.
  • If you are fishing in areas where the streams tend to flow in and out of the lake then there are greater chances that you would find a large number of fish in this area because these areas are a rich source of oxygen, food and protection for the fish as well.
  • Most of you ignore a very important aspect, and that is the time to fish. The ideal time is just after the sunset. This will have a significant impact on fishing.

It would take you some time and experience to excel in the field of fishing, but these small guidelines can make a lot of difference in the results. At times, it becomes difficult for you remember the tips. Make sure that prepare a checklist and write down all the essentials. This way you would be sure that you have been following all the details. Secondly, do not expect yourself to be perfect at fishing in the first go. As mentioned earlier try to gain maximum information about the best fishing spots in the United States. Once you have the relevant information, then you can think on the lines of going in those particular areas for the purpose of fishing. It would be a worthwhile experience that you would enjoy at the end of the day.

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