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5 Rules of River Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula

The first rule of river fishing is to be aware of regulations. Don’t assume if you know the basics that you will be fine. The rules aren’t the same for every type of fish, or even for ever river. Be familiar and comply with all fishing rules.

The second rule of river fishing this peninsula is to know the best and safest locations. If you are unfamiliar with the Olympic Peninsula, ask around. Some places might not be as safe for those not from the area. For example, the Hoh River has many areas in which the river is hard to navigate.

The third rule is to know the weather. The weather will determine how safe the rivers are and how good the fishing will be. Overflowing rivers are not good to fish in as the water is very muddy as well as unsafe.

The fourth rule of river fishing the Olympic Peninsula Rivers is to have the right gear. Most people fish for trout or salmon in this area so be aware of the correct fishing gear for these fish.

The fifth rule of fishing in this area is to consider a guide if you are not familiar with the rivers or even salmon fishing. If you are interested in a guide, there is no shortage in this area.

Fishing on the Olympic Peninsula will never end in disappointment if you are armed with the right knowledge. So get informed and get fishing!

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