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Sport Fishing in Canada

Sport Fishing in Canada

Sport Fishing in Canada

Freshwater and Saltwater fish are plentiful in the streams,lakes, and shores of beautiful Canada. Over 3 million people annually love doing some fishing in Canadian waters, and around two hundred different fish species flourish here. With fishing lodges,fishing charters,and several camp-grounds, Canada is a superb, exciting, and relaxing place to enjoy sport fishing anytime of the year.

Trout and Pike

Brook and Lake trout are abundant in the thousands of rivers/streams throughout Canada. Some of these rivers are Albany and Sutton.


Walleye fishing is probably the most common kind of fishing in Canada as Canada is recognized for its large, strong, and numerous walleye.

Fly fishing

Canada’s numerous and magnificently tranquil streams,lakes, and rivers are the ideal places to enjoy fly fishing. Northern Pike,Walleye ,Salmon, trout and Steel-head are found in plenty usually in the huge and fast moving waterways of the east and west coasts.

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