Fishing Lures

Luring a Fish

If you are new to fishing you may not know what a fishing lure is, it is actually what you attach to the end of your line to hold a single, double or triple hook and it is an alternative to using bait.

They are designed to move like a fish so the movement and color of the lure will attract the fish's attention and it will bite the hook.

Fishing lures are not new, they date back for many centuries and the original lures were made of bone and bronze before individual craftsmen began making them. They were first sold commercially in America in 1900 and are now available at any specialist fishing shop.

You need to learn the correct way to attach your lure to your line and the simplest knot to tie is the improved clinch knot. It is very strong and as the fish bites the knot tightens up and the lure is even more secure on the line.

Alternatively you can attach the lure on to your line with a swivel and the lure will vibrate and move around when you reel in your line or jiggle your rod.

There are several types of fishing lures which are normally made to resemble a dying or injured fish. This is what attracts the fish to your line and they will bite on the hook to get at the lure. They are an alternative to using bait although you can dress up some lures and attach bait as well.

There are advantages and disadvantages to using a lure when you go fishing.


  • They are less messy than using bait.
  • Fewer fish will swallow your hook or take it so deeply you cannot extract it.
  • You can fish more water when you use a lure
  • It is easy to change a lure on your line


  • Lures are more expensive than buying bait.
  • Lures snag on hazards in the water or catch on trees when casting and are expensive things to lose.

There are different types of fishing lures and an excellent lure for a beginner is the spinner because it is so simple to use. It is a metal shaft with a spinning blade and the blade spins when you drag the lure through the water. This causes a sound and vibration that attracts the fish to your line.

The most versatile lure is the jig which is suitable for every type of game fish. They are also the least expensive and come in different sizes and colors.

The spoon is a curved metal lure, so called because the first ones were made of spoons with the handle broken off. You can get a spoon for every type of fishing and they wobble from side-to-side like an injured baitfish which lures the fish.

Another lure that resembles a baitfish is the plug which usually comes with two or three hooks. These are hard lures which can be used at any depth of water and come in various sizes.



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