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Lured by the lure

Whether it is silver flashing through crystal water, or rainbow colours jigging around the edge of a coral reef, or furry flies buzzing back and forth across a trout stream, any angler can be lured by the use of a lure. In effect, the lure is mimicking the colour and shape of a natural food source for a fish but you will still need to work with the lure to ensure that it also mimics the right behaviour. Fishing with lures can remove the need to obtain fresh bait and can be both a challenging and rewarding experience, but it may require the development of new skills and techniques.

Some lures are designed for general use and can be used to catch a variety of fish species. Seasonal variation in diet may also exist for some fish species so it may be necessary to acquire a range of lures to meet those requirements. Some fish species have quite specific diets or at least a preference for a particular food source, so if you are targeting a particular species then do a little research beforehand in order to understand the preference and variation in their diet and then look for a lure to match. You can often gain very useful advice on the correct type and use of lures by consulting with local anglers or the local tackle shop near the area in which you will be fishing.

About Fishing Lures
About Fishing Lures

If you have never used a lure before then you will probably need to develop new skills to handle them efficiently, which may include learning the best techniques for casting and trolling for a specific type of fish. Fly fishing is enjoyed by many anglers but it can take a considerable amount of time and effort to master the art. Although fly fishing is commonly employed to lure trout and certain freshwater species, it can also be an interesting challenge to apply in saltwater fishing.

There is virtually no end to the variety of lures available whether you choose from the thousands of varieties currently on the market or design and construct your own. Take care in your selection, about fishing lures, as it is easy to be lured into purchasing an expensive lure that may not be suitable for your purpose or may not have the durability to cope with particularly voracious fish species. Don’t be fooled into thinking that you can set off fishing with just one lure as you may be heading home early after you lose it on a snag or have it demolished by a large predator.

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