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Fish Gone Wild Sport Fishing in Canada

When you think of sport fishing Canada should automatically come to mind. From the Salmon runs to fly fishing in the calmer waters there are very few places on earth that offer both the variety of sport fish to the scenic and rugged beauty that make the sport so magnificent.

Imagine flying in a single engine Cessna and landing on a remote lake to get to your lodge or set up camp. Sport fishing in Canada offers every type of rugged location to fish in imaginable. In the Yukon, where the rugged Rockies meet the Arctic, summer sport fishing can be a 24 hour a day event.

The remote locations also allow plenty of guided viewing of the wildlife which includes bear, eagles, moose and otter. Local fishing includes Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Grayling, and Burbot.

The remote locations offer an unparalleled opportunity for wilderness sport fishing in Canada. There are plenty of great camp operators and locations to choose from too. Whether your sport is lake or river to quiet stream, sport fishing takes on a very different look in rugged Canada. Fishing in the Yukon has a flavor all its own.

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