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8 Tips to Make the Most Out of Beach Fishing Lures

Get ready to learn about Beach Fishing Lures, where you should set up, how to put your bait  on the hook properly and much more! Effective fishing is all about what you do, so follow our tips to become a happier and efficient fisherman who knows every trick to secure his catch. As there is no substitute for experience, fortunately, there are a few things you can take care of to improve your fishing.  Improve your fishing starting with the following tips:

1. Harden Up your Bait

Before you soak in the soft bait including Muhlies and Pilchards, it doesn’t need a lot of time for your bait to be stripped from the bone of small picking fish. Sometimes the baits last only a few turns, as they become waterlogged or soft to hold up the impact of water.

Using salted Surf Fishing Lures, you can get around this problem. The salting process puts a layer of salt on the fish which removes most of its moisture. This helps to harden your bait, and you can use it for longer.

If you can, you can also try out the ghost cotton. It consists of thin white cotton that is wrapped around the bait to help it hold tougher and tight right at the hook. This strengthens the bait and prepares it for the water impact when it casts off. Also, it also makes it hard for other pickers to get way with your bait.

2. Choose your Spot Carefully

You can only make a well informed decision after careful reconnaissance. This improves the chances of finding and catching a fish whenever you put a line in the water. Beaches change their shape on a regular basis. Therefore, you need to change accordingly.  Different aspects such as wave, rip action and tide cause the gutters and sandbars to move which impacts your prey.

Check the beach at low tide or on a calm day. This includes how the beach currently looks and where you should be fishing the next time.  In case you are planning a night fishing session, you need to visit the beach during daytime and decide where you are going to park your car and how far you will walk before casting out.

3. Get a Pair of Polaroid Glasses

You can improve your fishing experience if you spot the gutters and holes along the beach. The polarized glasses help you to do this as it cuts off the lights reflection off the water and thus making it easy for you to identify any changes in the water. This means better identification of fish schooling including species such as salmon and baitfish. As an angler, a pair of Polaroid glasses is a must for you if you want to spot the differences to improve your overall fishing experience.

4. Cast Off

How do you choose cast off that has a great impact on the effectiveness of your Beach Fishing Lures? If you believe that casting your line as further as possible will increase the chances of catching a fish, then you are off to a bad start, it doesn’t work everything. So, don’t let it happen to you and learn about the structure and drop off locations that are close to the shoreline. If you are fishing, chances are your prey might be right out the back of location you are fishing from. You can choose between braided lines and mono lines but first learn the difference.

Also, you need to check spool on the reel filled with the line, investigate the slide baiting as it lets you cast the sinker and send your bait later.  You can also improve the aerodynamic of your rig by connecting it to the sinker.

5. Learn the Difference between Braid and Mono Line

Both of these lines have their own advantages and disadvantages according to different fishing situations.

The Braided lines are not very stretchy; they are difficult to set with a sinker when you are fishing in heavy waves. They are easy to snap when it comes to holding a heavy fish. The monofilament lines are circumvented to these problems, but it comes with a cost of bite sensitivity and casting distance.  These lines are flexible and are capable of handling the impact of larger waves.

The braided lines have no or little tolerance to abrasion which means if you are fighting with a fish and it takes your line to reef or rocks then your line is likely to be snapped.  If you want, you can fix this issue with the help of a mono leader that provides protection against such threats.

6. Consider Using Live Bait

There is a vast array of Surf Fishing Lures when it comes to using live bait.  Crabs, Squid, sandworms, bloodworms, hard and soft shell crabs prove to be the best type of live baits.  You can ask around for the best baits used to catch a specific specimen, so don’t worry people love to share their secret sometimes, so good luck!

7. Taking Care of Your Bait

Apart from deciding between live and artificial bait, you need to take extra care of your Beach Fishing Lures to make sure they help you catch the fish. Make sure your bait is fresh and appropriate for whatever you are trying to catch.  As an angler, it can be hard for you to collect alternatives to living baits therefore you need to find a good and reliable bait supplier. You need to pay him what he asks and stick with him for a while. The good bait comes at a hefty price, but it’s worth it. Yes, thin of all the tackle, time and effort you will waste with the cheaper alternative, so stick with it!

8. Avoid Makeshift Rod Holders

Instead of using a Makeshift rod, you should stick with the real fishing rod holder. The real holder proves to be useful when it comes to avoiding bucker and coolers. You can easily pull out a large catch with these, and you can also see your fishing pool being dragged into the surf.

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