Fishing Lures

The fishing lures used on the surface of the water are popular for freshwater fishing, but can also be suitable to use for saltwater fishing as well. Surface lures attract fish to come up to the top of the water. Here you will find some tips, tricks and techniques for using Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures: A Fisherman's Guide

Fishing lures were designed to look like prey in most cases.  While most are made to look like they are dying or injured prey, some are manufactured to resemble a fast moving fish.  Fishing lures may also be made to add interest to the fishes' sense of aggression, territory, or curiosity.

How to Buy Fishing Lures

Depending on species of fish they are targeting, fishermen must think about a number of elements before attaching synthetic bait on their lines. Sizing, coloration, and motions of the lure are very important factors, especially when used in combination with temperature of water, time frame or season, and also the deepness as well as cover being fished

How to Fish With Lures

Artificial lure or fishing bait have been helpful to snag fish since 2,000 B.C. Made out of a multitude of components, colors, styles, and types; fishing lures are used to lure fish and influence them to nip into the connected hook. If you wish to fish with fishing lures, you should know the most typical lure methods and how they can be used to catch a fish.

Quick Tips to Fishing Lures for Bass

Are you interested in learning about bass fishing? Well, you have come to the right place! Here, you will learn everything about Fishing Lures for Bass with some quick tips.

8 Tips to Make the Most Out of Beach Fishing Lures

Get ready to learn about Beach Fishing Lures, where you should set up, how to put your bait  on the hook properly and much more! Effective fishing is all about what you do, so follow our tips to become a happier and efficient fisherman.

Top 5 Tips and Tricks for Modification Your Bass Lures

However, here are some great bass fishing lure tips for those looking for an even better bait by making modifications and adjustments.

What Everyone Should Know About Fishing Lures

Fishing lures are forms of bait that several anglers use to have variety and act as live bait. Depending on the weather, time of day and body of water, lures can be a great way to successfully catch fish.

Lured by the lure

Some lures are designed for general use and can be used to catch a variety of fish species. Seasonal variation in diet may also exist for some fish species so it may be necessary to acquire a range of lures.

Luring a Fish

If you are new to fishing you may not know what a fishing lure is, it is actually what you attach to the end of your line to hold a single, double or triple hook and it is an alternative to using bait.

Fish Gone Wild Sport Fishing in Canada

When you think of sport fishing Canada should automatically come to mind. From the Salmon runs to fly fishing in the calmer waters there are very few places on earth that offer both the variety of sport fish.
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