Deep Sea Fishing

The Joys of Deep Sea Fishing


There is nothing more exciting than going deep sea fishing, it is completely different to any other kind of fishing as there is nothing around you but miles and miles of ocean.

The fish you find in the ocean are generally larger than any fish you may have caught before and have exotic names like Humpback Angler, Cookie Cutter Shark, Flashlight Fish and Bristlemouths.

The most common deep sea fish is the Lantern Fish which is generally 2-30cm in length. The ones that live deep in the ocean are normally dark brown or black but some like to live nearer the surface and have shiny reflective colors like blue, green or silver.

The best time to catch the lantern fish is at dusk as during the daytime they remain on the sea bed or at least 300-1500 meters below the surface. They only rise when the sun starts to go down and then they can be found within 10-100 meters of the surface.

You need to know some deep sea fishing tips before you embark on an adventure like this as it is not wise to just take a boat out on your own unless you are a professional fisherman or a very experienced angler.

The best thing to do is to go on one of the numerous charter boats that specialize in deep sea fishing. They will take single anglers or groups of friends and are usually at sea between 5-7 hours.

The benefits of taking a charter boat are:

  • The skipper knows exactly where to take the fishing party to catch the best fish.
  • In most cases all the tackle and bait are provided.
  • Charter companies often have a clause in the booking form that guarantees to refund the money if the boat has to return after an hour or two due to bad weather.
  • They usually offer discounts for groups of friends or families and a lot of the companies will allow youngsters to go out with their parents or fathers and sons, but check the age limit before you book.
  • If you normally fish on your own going out on a charter boat will ensure you meet people with similar interests and make new friends.

If you do decide to go out on your own instead of on a charter boat you will need to know the following deep sea fishing tips.

Make sure you choose an area of ocean where fishing is permitted and find out if you need a specific licence to fish there, you can get this information from your local wildlife or council office.

Always check the weather forecast and tide tables before you go out, you don't want to have the call the lifeboat out because you didn't check and get caught in massive waves.

You need to learn about certain fishing techniques before embarking on deep sea fishing and the two main ones are called trolling and chunking. Trolling means you drawn a baited line through the water encouraging the fish to follow. Chunking is when you throw large chunks of raw bait into the water and this is a good method if you want to catch larger fish. They will smell the blood in the water and will start circling round it to investigate making it easy for you to hook your fish.

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