Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing for Grouper an Awesome Adventure

Deep sea fishing for Groupers can be an awesome adventure.  Hauling these monsters up from the depths can get your heart pumping and give you some great stories to share with family and friends.  But, how can you find them?  The ocean is a huge place, so how do you even know where to start? 

Of course, getting a guide is the best idea when deep sea fishing.  Not only will a good guide be able to put you on fish, but you won’t have to worry about having a boat that will not only make it that far out into the ocean, but one that will be safe and allow you to fish for days at a time.  Your best bet is to hire a guide who is familiar with the area you want to go deep sea fish in and who has been working in that area for a number of years.  Get some references and check the guide out at much as possible before you go, and you’ll be in great shape.  Another great thing about using a guide is that you won’t even have to worry about bringing your own gear!

So, what can you expect when you are deep sea fishing?  Mostly, if you think of it as freshwater fishing on a massive scale, you will have some idea of the things you might be fishing when you’re deep sea fishing grouper.  There are reefs, rock piles, and wrecks on the sea floor.  If you’re a fisherman, you’ll likely understand the importance of structure like this.  These structures hold bait fish, and that brings in hungry game fish looking for a quick meal.  Fish may be holding directly in the reef itself, or patrolling up to 100 yards off of the structure, so your guide may have you fishing over the reef or somewhere near it, depending on where the fish are holding.  These can be very productive areas when deep sea fishing.

Manmade structures are also a good place to fish.  Towers and navigational aids hold fish, too.  Some cruise the perimeter and others tuck deep within the structure itself.   There may be some local ordinances against fishing these types of structures in different areas, but your guide will have all of that information.  They are informed on all of the local laws and regulations, which things much easier for you as an angler. 

As with freshwater fishing, anglers who are deep sea fishing may also target groupers that are relating to structure changes under water.  The bottom of the ocean is not smooth.  There are hills, mountains, gorges and drop offs.  Again, it’s much like fishing your favorite freshwater lake at home, but on a massive, massive scale.  This structure can stretch for miles, so it’s important to know which parts of the structure are productive and which are not. 

A good deep sea fishing guide will put you on fish by knowing about the area and having experience fishing it.  He or she will understand the movements of the fish and what cover and structure they may be relating to at any given time.  If you’ve always wanted to fish for grouper, why not take a minute and check out some guides in the area you want to go deep sea fishing.  It’s an adventure you’ll never forget.

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