Deep Sea Fishing

Deep Sea Fishing Amberjacks is a Great Way to Spend A Vacation

Deep sea fishing can be an awesome adventure. One of the more popular fish that anglers target is the Amberjack. There are several species of Jacks that inhabit the ocean’s waters, to the delight of the hundreds of anglers that enjoy battling against them year after year. The season for deep sea fishing Amberjack in the Gulf of Mexico begins on August 1st and closes on June 1st. This means the season is really only closed for two months (from June 1 to July 31). This makes deep sea fishing for Amberjack a great opportunity for most of the year.

The bigger Amberjacks

With the greater Amberjack hitting weights of 20 – 50 pounds, deep sea fishing for these beautiful fish presents a great challenge that brings anglers back time and time again. They put up an awesome fight, and heavy gear is a must. As with most deep sea fishing, it’s a good idea to hire a guide. Face it, you only have so much time on the water, so why not make the best use of it? Your guide will get you to the spots where the fish live, and he or she will also have the latest information on fish movements as well as how others have been catching them of late.

Most agree that Amberjacks are one of the species that has not yet suffered from overfishing, making them a very good deep sea fishing target for those with a limited amount of time who want to get out there and catch some fish. The bigger fish tend to hang in looser schools, but can still make for some fast and furious action. The more tightly schooled, smaller fish provide some great action, too, though. Many anglers often hook into Amberjacks when deep sea fishing for other species and quickly learn how much fun they are to catch.

Not only are these fish fun to catch, but many anglers who have been deep sea fishing for Amberjacks believe that these wily game fish are some of the smartest fish around. It’s said that once they are hooked, they tend to run to any barnacle encrusted structure they can find, wreaking havoc on line and losing baits with high frequency. For this reason, most anglers opt for heavy tackle and line whenever possible. Anything less would surely lead to breaking off bait as well as the heartache of lost fish.

When you hook into an Amberjack when you’re out deep sea fishing, you’re in for a ride you won’t soon forget. They don’t take long, long runs like some of the other deep sea fish out there, but they are hearty sprinters who will have you wrapped up before you know it. But once you hook into one, you’ll be addicted. Deep sea fishing for Amberjacks definitely deserves a place on your bucket list.

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