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Hoback River - Jackson's Little Hole


The Hoback River, also called the Fall River[citation needed], is an approximately 55-mile (89 km)-long tributary of theSnake River in the U.S. state of Wyoming. It rises in the northern Wyoming Range of Wyoming and flows northeast through the Bridger-Teton National Forest, before turning northwest to join the Snake just downstream of Jackson Hole, near the head of the Snake River Canyon and near the town of Hoback. The largest tributary of the Hoback River is its South Fork, which joins it near the town of Bondurant, where the river spreads onto a large marshy flat in a braided floodplain once known as Jackson's Little Hole.

Within the Hoback River Area lies an abundance of recreational opportunity and amazing scenery waiting for you to enjoy.  Driving south of Jackson 15 miles and heading east on Highway 191, you will find yourself driving through one of the most beautiful canyons in the surrounding area.  Winding through this canyon is the designated Wild and Scenic Hoback River where crystal clear water lends itself to world-class fishing, early-season boating and peaceful camping.  Off of Highway 191 to the north lies the Granite Creek drainage. 




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